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Freedom Hour, Sunday

Your Vision Is Your Life

Posted: Sep 27, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Freedom hour

Those who follow principle of life to letter never fail. Though they may experience delay, but delay is never a denial.

Joel 2:28: “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

The bible said in the above passage that for every man, there is a vision but ability to see and manifest has become an unresolved challenge in the life of most Christians.

Your vision is your life. The farther you can see the higher you can go. Success begins from the period you discover the reason why you are born. Determine to fulfill the purpose. Your vision is the picture of your tomorrow. Without a vision, your tomorrow is not in view. Vision gives you access to tomorrow. People that are visioners are people that are celebrated. The problem is that you have not discovered your purpose in life. Despite the fact that many people were born unnoticed, because of lack of vision, they also died unnoticed. There is need for everyone to aspire to make impact in life.

If you don’t solve anybody’s problem, nobody cares if you are alive. No impact, no effect. Vision is seeing your future through the eyes of God. A man without vision is a driver covered windscreen. Many are wounded in the journey of life because they don’t know their purpose. So many are lost in the race of life. We are in the jungle of life. Your vision is the shadow of what tomorrow will be.

Success does not answer to prayer but to vision. Don’t pray for money, pray for vision. If you depend on people, you are writing letter to perpetual poverty. It is what you discover by yourself that will last not what you inherit. Today is the tomorrow of what you thought about yesterday. Success is totally based on vision. Let your vision make you a captive. If you don’t have a vision, you leave your life anyhow. Discover your purpose even if God did not talk to you.

What is that thing God cannot do except He is not ready to do it?

I dedicated a house for one of our members few days ago. This man told me that each time he remembered how he started, he felt like shedding tears because he was a man of humble beginning. That he built house in Lagos remains a mystery to him. But do you know what? He was a product of determination. He never allowed what he was passing through to weigh him down. He was looking ahead for a day of fulfillment. Eventually it came.

The greatest tragedy in life is not even death. It is you being alive and they have concluded your life. It is really a great tragedy. Do you know that somebody case is still worse than your own case? There are some people they are worse than you and yet they are still thanking God. You are better than so many people. What you just need is to encourage yourself.

I use to do character study in the Holy Bible and when I look at those people that are successful in the Bible, I read their stories and study about their life to find out what are those things that make them successful. Joseph is one of the people I admire so much. Joseph had a dream. An innocent man to the core, he called for an emergency meeting and told all his brethren. Totally enraged to hear about the success story of their brother, they concluded that he will never reign over them. Whosoever that vowed that over their dead body will you make it, God will fight them back in Jesus name.

They planned to kill him because of the announcement of his glory. Later they chose to seel him to the land of slavery where they thought he would serve and die one day. Upon all this, he was seeing a greater glory ahead of him. Every day, he sees himself crossing the barrier of limitation. He was seeing himself on the throne. It is where you see yourself that you are bound to be one day. If you think you are not for that position, you can never get there. If you are intimidated by your boss, mother-in-law, brother or your parent and you resign to fate; then you are the most miserable. The journey of life is for the brave and the mighty, not the coward. If only you can see better vision of your tomorrow today, I congratulate you of fulfilling your destiny without tears.

See you on the top!