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Young People Should Not Be Afraid To Start Business -Nyong

Kingsley Nyong.
Posted: Jul 22, 2016 at 4:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Kingsley Nyong is the managing director and chief executive officer of BBB Agro, an agro-oriented business organisation. BBB Agro provides services in innovative farming, investment programmes and also helps to empower the youth of the country by providing them with knowledge that they can use to start a business and be on their own and even employ others. We develop and empower entrepreneurs. He spoke with Ikechi Nzeako at a recent summit on youth entrepreneurship in Lagos. Excerpts:

At the youth entrepreneurship summit, you spoke about a lot of things; can you give us a summary of what you said?

I said that the youth should not relent in their business pursuits, especially as start-ups. A big tree starts as a little seed; what they need to do is pay attention to it and watch it grow into a forest if they are diligent and work with the right people.

What do you say to youth entrepreneurs, who do not want to start small?

They may never start and if they start big they are very likely to fail because business can only be sustained if it is based on test and trust. Most people stick to a particular brand because they used it and liked it and continue to go back to that particular brand. This may last for generations and if we do this in business, we will excel. This is more so for upcoming and young entrepreneurs.

Some of the youth say that the business environment is tough, how do you encourage young people to become entrepreneurs at this time?

I told them that they should look for someone to mentor them in their area of business. Businesses do not become big in one day; that is why there is a cycle; they need to spend time for mentorship. They need to spend time to serve and acquire enough knowledge and if loyalty has been built and there is integrity, the people you are working with will help you get to the next level.

What policies do you want in place to make the environment friendlier for business to thrive?

It is the people that comprise the government. It is the people that can create that force or platform, as the government cannot start a business for the people. The government in terms of the people in governance will not start a business for anyone; they will only start business for themselves. You must start your own business; you must show quality. For example, government met Aliko Dangote somewhere and he met government somewhere.

How have you fared in business over the years? Can you share some of you experiences?

 My business has grown and it has grown because my partners and I have been working with the right people and being available for the business. You cannot run a business and go to sleep. There are some government policies that you should be aware of and follow up in business. If you do not follow up on those policies and respond appropriately, your business may go under. If you incorporate your business, it will be difficult for anyone to steal your company name or product. You need to work with professionals to get your business going. Everything in this life depends on value and value depends on where it is found. For instance, people are crazy about catfish in Lagos and it is expensive. However, if you go to northern Nigeria, people hardly eat it; it is in the mud wasting away. They do not value it and will not pay for it. The sun will come and dry up the fish and it is wasted. However, in the southern part of Nigeria, people value the fish and are prepared to pay for it. Young people need to and should venture into something reasonable; if you are afraid of falling, then you will never rise up.