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Young Inventors Offer Innovative Service To Help Nigerians Manage Power

Moses Oraezue
Posted: Apr 29, 2016 at 7:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nigerian inventor, Moses Oraezue, and his British business partner, Amanda Hawkins, are planning to work with power distribution companies in Nigeria to help them manage and surmount the impact of epileptic power in the country.

Their initiative, Power Alertz, is meant to allow individuals manage their lives more effectively, even with the power cuts, and, with the service of the tech company, customers would get a subscription-based service that would inform them at least 10 minutes before an impending power cut, allowing them to complete tasks before the power goes off.

Such tasks include pumping water, ironing, cooking, and other aspects of life that require electricity, which is often interrupted in most instances in Nigeria because of generation and distribution problems.

The service would also alert customers to the restoration of power.

“Our aim is to erase the anxiety and shock of not knowing at any time when the power will come or go, and furthermore help every Nigerian to live their life to an increased standard despite the power difficulties,” the team said Friday in Lagos.

Explaining further, Oraezue, CEO, Power Alertz, said, “Ever been in the middle of ironing and the light suddenly goes? Ever been watching a football match or an interesting TV programme and the light goes? What about working on your computer, bam, power gone and you have lost your documents?

“Not knowing when power will come or go is the blight of every Nigerian.

“Think about getting an SMS alert giving you a warning, what would you do? Save your documents? Quickly press your clothes? Turn the generator off and stop wasting valuable fuel when the power has been restored? That’s the service that our company wants to provide

“While I know that the government and distribution companies have been working hard to build power capacity up, it grinds you down not to be able to perform your everyday life.

“I really feel for the poor people who have no power for weeks, and they have had nowhere to turn to for reliable accurate information. It would be our mission to use many relevant and modern customer communication strategies, meeting the needs of the modern Nigerian, at the very least a toll-free number for people to call to get information on why they don’t have power.”

On her part, Hawkins, Director, Power Alertz, said: “I am fortunate, I live in London. But on a recent trip to Nigeria I was able to experience the impact that power cuts have on people. I was so taken by the simple and effective idea to give people back their lives.

“I have committed myself to this business and want to lend my support to the Nigerian power struggle.”