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Yinka Adeniran Speaks on Church Entrepreneurship

Posted: Jul 29, 2016 at 6:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Yinka Adeniran is a chartered accountant and runs an accounting firm in Lagos. The company specialises in taxation. He said Christian entrepreneurs must learn how to do business and then pray to God to give them success. Recently his church organised an entrepreneurship summit for aspiring business people. He spoke to Ikechi Nzeako on the programme and other issues. Excerpts:

What was the event all about?
The theme of the seminar is “Grace for speed”, we have spent the first six months of the year and we want to review it and see how we can achieve more in the second part of the year. We believe that whatever obstacles we had we can convert them into a stepping-stone for us to move with greater speed. The event is going to comprise two secessions: one will be praise and worship session while the second would be the business seminar proper.

Churches are known for organising prayer meetings and similar programmes. Why is your church organising a business seminar?
Now the economy is tough and things are tight for a huge majority of Nigerians. There is need for Christians to learn to do something. There are natural and physical things that Christians need to do because God will not come down on His own and do some natural things for us. When we do the natural things, then God will do the supernatural things. What are the simple things that we need to do? We need to reposition our businesses to prosper in the Nigerian economy. For example, God will not come down and brush your teeth for you; you have to do it. In business, there are certain things you have to do yourself.
We need to identify the business, work on it and pray for the grace to do it and when we do the natural things, God will then do the supernatural things. We want to teach our people what they need to do to succeed in business because knowledge is power. We want to teach them how they can enlarge their coast in this difficult time.
How do you encourage people to start a business at a time the economy is tough for business?
Let me give an example why people fail in business. People do not have staying power. Many people start business without have the technical knowledge; they may know how to do it. Success is more than just having the technical knowledge.
There are some soft skills; these are skills that are not technical. For example, they need to learn how to deal with failure. Sometimes when you start a business, you may face challenges; when you start a business, prepare yourself; success may not come cheap.
All the scientists that invented the various things we use like the light bulb, electricity, cars etc tried and failed many times; they encountered a lot of failures but they persevered and that is why we are still celebrating them till date. We want to build people and tell them that success in life takes time. We want to teach them that they need to acquire the staying power in order to succeed in life. We want to teach them that challenges are part of life. They should not see challenges as something that should deter them taking action to succeed. They should see challenges as something that should spur them to succeed.
There are some principles you need to understand before you venture into business. You do not go out there, rent a shop and start selling. There is more to success than just buying and selling. You need also the grace of God to succeed in business.
The Bible says it is the blessing of God that can make us rich; it is not our certificate, it is not our experience and qualification. There is also the spiritual factor.

What is your assessment of the business environment in the country?
The business environment is tough. You need to pay for electricity and also buy diesel and petrol and many others. The infrastructure situation in the country is terrible and to be addressed.
The government needs to make the operating environment friendly for business to thrive in the country. If government could solve the power problem in the country, it will take a lot of burden off the shoulder of many businesses in the country. If companies tell you the amount they are spending on power on a daily basis, you will be amazed. That is the reason Nigerian products are not competitive.
Imported goods are cheaper than made-in-Nigeria goods because of high-energy cost.
What do you say to Christians who do nothing and expects God to give them tonnes of money?
Zero multiplied by 1,000 is zero. The efforts that we make are like a pipe through which the grace of God flows into our lives. If you have a tank of water outside the house and the plumber did not connect the pipe to the house, the building will not get access to the water. Between you and the grace of God, your effort must come in; your effort is the pipe through which the grace of God flows into your life. So if you sit down and do nothing, you have disallowed the grace of God from flowing into your life.
God said “I will bless the works of your hand”, you must come to God with something. Even if you do not have a job now, you can spend your time doing something for God. You can go to a church and do some cleaning. You must be doing something; is the gutter dirty? Is the toilet dirty? Do something about it. Nobody should sit down and do nothing. Nobody can say that he cannot find a problem to solve in today’s Nigeria.

What do you say to people who believe that they must have huge amount of money to start a business?
The most important thing in starting a business is spiritual power, ability to think and mental capacity and good health. These three things: ability to pray, ability to think (mental capacity) and physical health, the important things that you need to start a business. If you do not have these three, if you are given $1 million, you will squander it. That is why you must get the idea; you must have the knowledge and be in good health to thrive in business. Money is not the first thing; it is the last thing that you need to start a business.
I want to advise people to start small. This is because if you are starting something you have not done before, you need to think big and start small. You need to start small and grow gradually.
People are not patient and that is why many people are in debt because they want to start with a lot of money. Some people took large loans and got their hands burnt and that is why we are telling people to start small. It is godly to start small and begin to learn from mistakes and failures. If you make a mistake with a small amount of money, you can start again but if you make a mistake with a huge amount of money, you may be sunk forever.

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