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XYZA: My Fight For Violence Against Women-Momodu

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Posted: Mar 5, 2016 at 7:04 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Remi Momodu is a registered Nurse in the United States of America as well as a movie producer, an actress, a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. She recently came into town to promote her latest flick, XYZA.

Momodu who is also an ambassador for change speaks on her movie, career, among other related issues.


Why change against domestic violence?

First of all, I fight for men, women and children; that is my passion-that is what I live for. The reason why this is of interest to me is because the situation is very rampant in the place where I live in the United States and lately we’ve been having a lot of cases. In recent times, in the past five, six years, we’ve had major cases where African men, particularly Nigerian men who traveled back to Nigeria and brought their women back to America, many of the times, they are usually in the heath care business.  They are interested in the registered nurses and people that practiced medicine and the reason they do so is that when those people in this profession comes, it’s easy to take the boarding pass and they can start working. They become cash cows where they can make more money. What happens is when they do that, oftentimes, the couples don’t know each other very well and things gets out of hands and we have incidents where we actually lose these women to domestic violence.

Before I came to Nigeria two weeks ago, we had a case. Five minutes from where I live, a Nigerian man married to an Igbo lady, shot her to death. She had a five months old baby in the house with her mother and a seven year old too. He also shot himself. They were all gone. So there are five children left. He had three children from Nigeria and two in America; so, five kids with no father or mother. So the story continues. It’s an endemic problem, it’s a public health issue, I’m in the public health sector and I figure it is beyond what we just sit and talk about, we need to really make change. My goal lies with the campaign I have the XYZA campaign. The movie is one thing which I came to talk about but the XYZA campaign is still going around. The goal is to bring attention, to raise awareness. We need to educate and also treat the problem. Our goal is to partner with people all around particularly here in Nigeria with people who are already doing it. We need to partner with them because we cannot do it alone and also see the resources we can get to help those people that are involved or affected.

Which year did the movement start?

It started about a year and a half ago. This is going to the second year now. Again, like I said, I’ve been in the United States for 20 years, when I say I know a lot about the stories that happens there, it happens here and elsewhere, all over the world. It became an interest to me when I really set the trend. I see nurses I know suffering for the same thing. Women that are really working hard. I say women but it does affect men as well. In most societies, statistics shows women are more affected than men. Either way, it is not right for both sexes. I wrote the story which is in line with what the movement is all about, the mission and vision are pretty much in line and we decided to push. That is where we are. If you go to my website, we have the XYZA campaign there where people can regardless of what part of Africa you are in, you can actually volunteer to be part of that change or you can be an ambassador for us. We are looking for ambassadors. We will never have enough ambassadors. You can see the requirements for what our ambassadors needs to do.

We learnt you started the movie premiere on Saturday last week?

We actually did screening. It started on the 26th which was Friday. So it’s still in theatres right now.

Who are the actors you featured in the movie?

It’s a very rounded movie with different actors from different countries because it was shot in Maryland, USA. We had actors from Sierra Leone, Cameroun, Ghana. We had a lot of Nigerians as well. The director, Ikechukwu Onyeka came from Nigeria and the cinematographer, Chinedu Okonkwo is a Nigerian but based in the U.S. Veteran actor, Ejike Okoye, he played the lead role.

I also played the lead role since I am an actress myself. I wanted to write a story that promotes what I believe in, what I’m fighting for, a story that makes sense. Of course, I had the choice to write a story about comedy, action, etc but I wanted something people can truly gain from. I figured since I’m in the movie business, I can use what I enjoy doing, my passion and bring the story out as well.