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I Will Like To Own A Fashion Company –Miss Tourism Nigeria South West

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Miss Tourism South West, Abiodun Akanbi in this chat with Ifeoma Ononye and

Abiodun Akanbi

Abiodun Akanbi

Chinyere Abiaziem, talked about building a career in the fashion industry which she said was prompted by her love for fashion.  She also spoke about how the competition has shaped her into being a better person. 

Tell us about yourself?

I’m the last girl of a family six; I’m a very humble, gentle and religious person. I love having people around me.

How did you get to know about the pageant? 

I got to know about the competition from a friend of mine I was in school when she called me because she knows I love stuffs like pageantry. She was like hey! Girl I saw something, are you interested? I said yes you know what I like so I came to Lagos and got for the audition and lucky me   and glory to almighty God I was picked.

 Since you said you like pageantry, have you contested before in any pageant?

Yes this is not my first competition, I contested in Miss University Nigeria (MUN) in 2012 where there were about 51 contestants, it was so challenging.

What was your position?

I didn’t come home with anything because it was based on the crowd and judge’ decision. Then in my school we were on strike so nobody came to cheer me up, except for one of the judges who came from my school. So it was not so good. I wasn’t very prepared because I was like let me just go and see what is happening.

What did that competition teach you?

It thought me to be accommodating, tolerating and to be prepared for anything you want to do.

What did you work on in preparation for the Miss Tourism Competition?

I worked on the stipulated requirements; I made sure I got all my requirements. I got everything needed so I won’t have to blame myself for anything when I get to camp or feel intimidated by any other contestant. I didn’t change the way I talked or walked, that was not what I worked on.

How did you feel when you were announced the South West winner?

I felt very happy because it was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it .

Did your parents support you when you were going for the competition?

My mum and siblings have been so supportive; my dad really doesn’t like stuffs like that.

How are you being addressed at home now?

They see me as the queen, there are some things they don’t allow me do any longer, like cleaning of the house and other house chores. 

Why are stopped from carrying out house chores?

I don’t know.

Are you okay with that?

No, I don’t really like it, but I feel happy that the chores are taken off me.

What’s your pet project?

Helping the less privileged and orphans,

What do you enjoy doing at your leisure?

I love cooking and seeing movies but at times I love singing though I’m not very good at singing.

What career do you intend building?

I really don’t want to work under anyone. I love fashion I’m a fashion person. So I will like to go deep into fashion like to be the CEO of my company with my own designs.

Do you mean going into clothes, shoes or accessories?

A lot of things go into fashion,   like make up, shoes; we have so many things under fashion. I will like to go into all. I want to have a design for wears, jewelries, shoes, hair and so many things.

Which area will you want to start with?

I will like to start with clothing, shoes and hair.

Do you intend acquiring designing skills?  

Yes I will go to a fashion school immediately I’m done with my school to learn more.

You said you like cooking, what do you like cooking?

I love preparing yam and egg and I love pounding yam.

You mean you pound yam?

Yes my mum is from Ondo state and she actually taught us how to pound yam and I also school in Ekiti state.

Is there any fashion item you cannot do without?


What do you have more in your wardrobe?

I do more accessories than make up.

What fashion item can you spend heavily on?

I can spend on accessories and makeup. When it comes to shoes, I’m not really the shoe person but when it comes to make up and accessories I spend because I love quality ones.  For makeup I believe it should not be fake because it could damage your skin. I really love using the best make up products.