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Wife Of Police Inspector Cries Out For Justice

Posted: Jun 2, 2016 at 6:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Francis Onoiribholo

Benin – Wife of Police Inspector, Felix Agge, the escort commander to the Edo State Deputy Governor, on Wednesday cried out to President Muhammad Buhari to direct the IGP to produce those who she alleged shot her husband while on official duty with the Edo state number two man.

Mrs Stella Agge who spoke of her ordeal about a month ago since her husband was shot while providing security to the Deputy Governor, Dr. Pius Odubu, in Auchi, said nothing short of justice would make the family happy.

Mrs Agge who spoke to Independent said: “This crisis started when the deputy governor of Edo state visited Auchi and he was attacked by political thugs at the APC secretariat, Auchi.

“In the process, they opened fire on the deputy governor’s convoy and the escort commander of the convoy, who is my husband.

“Inspector Felix Agge was shot straight in the eyes and as at today, over thirty days now, he is still taking treatment at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Benin, he is still in the hospital bed.

“The suspects are well known in Auchi,a nd one of them is a car dealer, he is still in the shop selling his cars while my husband is in the hospital critically ill.

“They are walking the streets up and down, boasting that nothing would happen, that they are above the law, yet police has refused to arrest them

“My husband is a policeman and I am very sure that he was on a duty that he was sent by the Inspector General of Police.

“He was carrying out his legitimate duty, his constitutional duties and he was attacked and I expect the police to take it upon themselves to ensure that justice is done.

“For justice to be delayed in this my husband’s circumstances, is a very big disappointment and discouragement to police officers in Nigeria.

“With what has happened to my husband, I am very sure that many police officers will be doing their jobs in fear because the police they are supposed to rely upon has disappointed them.

“I and my husband’s family are crying to the President, IGP for justice; we have a little child who is also crying that justice should take its course because justice delayed is justice denied.

“We appeal to President Buhari to ensure that these suspects are arrested and brought to book.

My husband knows these people because they are from the same place with him. My husband is from Edo north and these suspects cannot hide, he knows their family houses, all I am saying is that justice must be done.

“As at today,he is not seeing with the eyes, the eyes are blind and that is why we are begging the IGP to act now and save the force from this embarrassment.

“Stitches are still in his eyes, my husband cannot see with it, the bullets are still there and that is why the IGP has to do something about my husband’s case.”