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Why We Are Educating Nigerians On Cars –OLX

Posted: Oct 2, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

A dipstick survey carried out by Nigeria’s number one online classifieds site, OLX has uncovered what Nigerians look out for when buying used cars. According to OLX Country Manager, Lola Masha, the research was carried out to identify what is most important to our users when buying used cars.

Speaking on why OLX have decided to educate Nigerians about their cars Masha said, “this information will enable us educate them on what to really look out for when in the market to buy a used vehicle. The result of the research carried out by OLX Nigeria identified the engine, price and transmission of the car as the top three things they look out for when purchasing a used car.

Seasoned expert in automobiles and General Manager, Mandilas Enterprises Limited, Stephen Gladwin stated that “there is a wide range of factors to consider when buying a used vehicle. More often than not, there is more to consider than what meets the naked eye. These factors range from the condition of engine, gearbox, transmission system, tyres, year of manufacture, the make of the vehicle, battery condition, and even the upholstery. These are instrumental factors that make up the overall perception of the vehicle.”

He also disclosed that, “There are however little things that could make or mar the feel of the car and they must be considered in the utmost regard. Some of these comprise of the AC system, Radio/CD, steering system, body condition, windscreen, rust, effectiveness of clutch system, brakes, windows, body colour, suspension system, Odometer reading, condition of airbag, ABS, wheel and exhaust.”

OLX reps further stated that Nigerians who are in the market to sell their used vehicles can post their cars on OLX for free and qualified ads will get an evaluation certificate from Mandilas that will state the current market value of the car as well as the condition of each part of the car.  This will benefit both the buyer who is worried about the worth and condition of the car they want to buy and the seller who is not sure of the monetary value of the car.