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Why I Want To Start Catering Business – Miller

Tosan Miller
Posted: Jul 8, 2016 at 5:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Tosan Miller was one of persons who graduated from the entrepreneurship programme that was organised by the Centre for Values in Leadership in the Ajegunle suburb of Lagos State. She spoke with Ikechi Nzeako after the ceremony. Excerpts


Why did you choose to undergo training in providing catering service?

I chose catering service because that is the area that I have passion for.

What do you intend to do with the training in catering service that you have received? Have you developed a plan on what to do?

I intend to start a small company that will provide catering service in my area of town. I also intend to establish a catering school in the future so that I will also empower the youth in society.

What inspired the choice of catering service? Was it because you know how to cook?

I learnt how to cook from my mother at a very early age. I also learnt how to bake from her. When you bake, there is an element of creativity involved and being a creative person, I love to create things. Those were the things that inspired me and made me go into catering service.

What other things did you learn at the programme, apart from catering service?

We were taught how to run and manage our business. We were taught how to be prudent and to separate our personal finances from that of the business. As a young person, I used to spend almost all the money I got on clothes, shoes and others. But after attending the programme, I now know that I need to save a certain percentage of whatsoever I earn. I now know that there are things that I might want to buy but do not need them. You know that we have needs and we have wants; there are some that you need and there are some that you want. I have learnt that I need to buy only those things that I need. We were also taught how to make our business grow and I think I have learnt to manage my business and make it grow.

There are some young persons in the community who have passion and ideas and want to start a business without going to a business school or a mentoring programme. What do you say to such persons?

There are people who have ideas on what business they want to venture into without going through a mentoring programme like this. This may not work out well because when you have a mentor, he or she will be like a guide to you.

He or she has passed through that road and knows the pitfalls and will help you to avoid those pitfalls. For example, those of us that have passed through the CVL have been taught how to manage and grow our business. A person who did not pass through the programme or a similar programme will understand the rudiments of managing a business and will rely mostly on guesswork in order to survive in murky waters of business environment.