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Why Buhari Cannot Be Impeached – Senate Leader

Posted: Jul 26, 2016 at 6:21 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rotimi Akinwumi


Ali Ndume, Leader of the Senate, on Monday denied the news that the Senate was planning to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ndume in making the clarification said in a bicameral legislative house, the Senate, even if desirous of ousting the President, cannot do it alone without the co-operation of the House of Representatives.

Beside, Ndume said emphatically that the president has not in any way contravened the laid down rules in the Constitution that would have warranted such extreme action.

The Senate Leader also took time to deny the involvement of the National Assembly as a legislative body in allegations of budget padding.

Abdulmumini Jibrin, former Chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation,  and the presiding officers of the House are currently engrossed in allegations and counter-allegations of budget padding.

Ndume who reacted to the alleged impeachment plot while fielding questions from journalists at the National Assembly on burning issues in the polity, declared that budget padding should not in any way be attributed to the National Assembly, being the institution constitutionally responsible for budgetary appropriations.

“Senate cannot impeach the President, It is the National Assembly that can impeach the president and it is by 2/3 majority based on clearly stated impeachable offences that must be served  on the president which he must respond to, or if he fails to respond, the process is there.

“It is a process, a long tedious process and in this country, we don’t even need that; we are not even contemplating it and even if anybody contemplates it, it is not going to work because this is APC Senate; we have the majority, we have 58 to 60 senators and you need 72 Senators to start off impeachment process.

“In a nutshell, the issue of impeachment is non-existent in the Senate. We don’t need it because we don’t have a president that has issues of corruption, integrity, mismanagement of the economy at hand.

“We have a President that is straight forward and he doesn’t have any mismanagement of anything through abuse of due process,” he stated.

He described the crisis rocking the House of Representatives over alleged budget padding as unfortunate, saying “there is nothing like budget padding as far the National Assembly is concerned.”

According to him, working on a budget either by adding to a vote already estimated for a proposed project or subtracting from it or even making new provisions as constitutionally empowered, cannot be said to be budget padding by the National Assembly.

“I don’t want to say that there was budget padding and I don’t want to talk about something I really don’t know but what is happening in the House of Representatives is just very unfortunate because we have processes and procedures of doing things in the National Assembly.

“If somebody has an issue he suppose to know what to do and not just by going to the press but I think they are going to sort out things in the next coming days.

“There is nothing like budget padding if it is the national assembly that works on the budget then you don’t call it padding because padding is like illegality which is not done here.

“But if there are certain abnormalities in the budget passed as against what transpired in the budget process which is now an appropriation Act. I think they should know the right thing to do rather than engaging in media war.

“They have relevant committee to handle such a matter, so, if Hon. Jibrin is aggrieved, he needs to write a petition or whatever and that should be referred to Ethics and Privileges for the needed investigation.”