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Who Has Final Authority?

Posted: Sep 26, 2015 at 12:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

When Saul disobeyed God by not taking the Amalekites out completely like God instructed him, God was angry and sent Samuel the Prophet to rebuke him, but Saul was head strong in the wrong direction. It was at this point that God rejected him as king of Israel and instructed Samuel to go and anoint another as king, from the house of Jesse. Shortly after, Saul began to be troubled by an evil spirit because the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him and this made him restless. That’s when David came into his life. David was skillful in playing the Lyre such that every time he played, Saul felt refreshed and calm.  The bible makes us understand that as a result Saul loved David like his own son and even made him his armor bearer. Things were fine between the king and his steward until he realized that David, his steward was going to be king.

Saul was held bent on taking David out in order for his son, Jonathan to be king and his dynasty, prolonged. This resulted in him entering into a hard pursuit of David in order to have him killed and so David had to relocate with his family and friends, to live in caves, in hiding from Saul. One time the bible records that Saul went out to seek David with 3000 men to kill him. In the course of the search, Saul was pressed and entered into a cave to relieve himself not knowing that David and his men were hinter. This was one chance David had to finally end this misery that Saul had turned his life into. Imagine how tempting it might have been for David to kill Saul especially because he knew that one day he would wear the crown and that Saul had lost both his spiritual and mental abilities to be king. But David refused to kill him because he was more concerned with doing God’s word.

When he got the chance to narrate the incidence to Saul, he expressed one of the greatest thoughts that can help any person guide their actions and that is the point of our discussion today.

He said “An old proverb says ‘only evil people do evil things’ and so I won’t harm you”. (1 Samuel 24:13 CEV) How touching!

It doesn’t matter how excusable or understandable your reasons are for doing the wrong things; cheating, physically, emotionally or spiritually abusing your spouse, staying out late on purpose, etc. It also doesn’t matter how understandable your reasons are for not being submissive to your husband’s authority and respecting him or anything else for that matter; God’s word shows us without conditions how to live as married people. The wife has been told to submit even if she’s richer, older, more influential, more educated or more successful. The husband loves and protects whether his wife is submissive or not, provides for his family whether it is convenient or not, loves whether the conditions are favorable to love or not. Now instead of focusing on your spouse and thinking to yourself, I will do this if only he/she will do this is putting God’s word aside and exalting our ego. That’s pride. Remember, God’s not going to be judging you based on what your spouse made you to do, because He never made them the standard. His word is the only standard and will be what we will judged by.

Every time you feel tempted to act in defiance to God’s word against your spouse or under any circumstance at all, even if your reasons are understandable, remember David’s proverb in our theme scripture that says ‘only evil people do evil things’ and refrain. God only agrees with Himself. He’s not about to agree with our excuses for acting in defiance to His Word.

Life will be a lot less complicated if we see temptations as our opportunity to live by God’s word and measure up to His standards irrespective of the circumstance, having resigned to taking His word as our Final Authority.

I do not promise that this would be easy, but God never tells us to do anything that’s impossible. If you will live a single or married and fulfilled life, God’s word has to be to you, Final Authority.

Until next week, stay fulfilled; Single or Married!