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Which Way Nigeria?

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 at 7:49 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


Jane Ikegulu


Recently, my beloved nation; Nigeria has been swimming in murky waters in terms of economic crisis coupled with her inability to find a solution to the problem. The economic atmosphere is so harsh that even nature appears to be in agreement with the down turn of events as the weather emits scorching heat during the day and at night.

A look at most Nigerians, tells you all that you need to know: uncertainty about the future, fear of the unknown and a state of confusion. Despite all the hardship, trust Nigerians to make light of every matter; they say “it is the wind of change” that is blowing.

But on a serious note, what is actually happening to Nigeria? I begin to wonder if this was the “change” we voted for.

We all know that in this country, slight scarcity of fuel leads to its increment and whenever there is an increment in fuel, the cost of living also increases it is like a vicious cycle, but in Nigeria, my beloved fatherland, one thing remains stagnant as it rarely increases. Salary. Our salary never increases in this country despite the increment in fuel, dollars, electricity bill, water rates, house rent, school fees, waste management rates, haircut, hair making, food and beverages. My heart often goes out to those married individuals running homes. It is presently a herculean task and as such, demands the grace of God for the brains of the individuals involved to be normal without going berserk. I can imagine that most husbands have started suggesting to their “stay at home wives and look after the children” that they need to get something doing to augment their income. But the question is, what in particular and where is the capital? Things are so stiff that if the economy were to be an orange, not a drop of juice will flow out of it should it be squeezed. Yet, that is the situation of things in our country popularly known as “the giant of Africa”. Each time I go to the market, I am marveled at how expensive food items are and I begin to wonder how many families still have three square meals not to talk of two and certainly, there would be nothing balanced about them. But painfully, the house keeping allowance for most wives has not been increased. Currently, a packet of knorr cubes sells at N500 as against N350, my favourite tin-tomato, Tasty Tom (medium size) sells at N150 as against N130, Ducross curry and Thyme powder sells at N120/N140 as against N60, a large bag of wheat sells at N500 as against N400, a bag of rice sells for N13,000 as against N10,000, don’t forget that a set of sachet water is now N1,000 against N600 and then for nursing mothers, Angel Diaper (36 pieces) sells for N1,800 as against N1,500 while its wipe sells at N400 as against N300. Without being told, this is not the time for anyone to have a large family no matter how much you love children or how productive you are down there. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or should I say “change” times call for desperate measures. Anyone, male or female waiting for manna to fall from heaven, instead of going out there to get something doing no matter how humble it may be, might soon be swept away by murky waters. The annoying aspect of it all is that we don’t know when this will end. We can only hope and pray that it ends soon but besides praying, our leaders also need to practically tackle the problems gradually eating up this beautiful nation of ours. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.