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What If She Is A Prostitute……?

Posted: Apr 23, 2016 at 7:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

I have often wondered why some men patronise commercial sex hawkers, call girls, harlots, prostitutes, ashewo, or whatever you call them.

Some girls who are doing the higher version of prostitution call themselves ‘runs-girls’ but for me, ashewo na ashewo.
As long as you are paid for sex, you an ashewo. Whether kobo-kobo, or in millions of dollars, you fall under same category of commercial sex hawkers.
But my worry is with our men who keep patronising them particularly in this era of threatening sexually transmitted diseases.
One would have thought that the drumming over the years on the dangers of the HIV/AIDS pandemic alone were good enough a message to advise those who practice or patronise the commercial sex trade.
Unfortunately, more men seem to be experimenting and substituting the so called pleasures of sleeping with a prostitute at the peril of their lives. In the same vein, more women seem to be drifting to the dangerous trade of prostitution due to the “attractive” and instant monetary gains.
Again, a very troubled woman and a mother of two, begged me to write on this to resound a warning to the unrepentant shameless men who still patronise this aged trade to beware of the repercussions.
The main reason she pleaded I do this for her could not be far-fetched but I think our men; both married and unmarried should take note and be contented with the sexual pleasures their wives or partners give to them.
Do you know that twenty-five per cent of female sex workers in the country are HIV positive? This revelation is contained in the latest survey carried out by the nations AIDS Commission.
Those who practice prostitution are in grave danger, same with their family members and the society at large.
Going by the statistics alone it is very possible that some of the men who go in to enjoy life night after night with prostitutes are going home with the HIV. The multiple implications could be tragic for a country that has worked so hard to bring its HIV prevalence down.
The man who goes to sleep with the prostitute for whatever reason stands a greater chance of endangering the lives of other innocent women out there. Plus these days of same sex partnerships, other men out there are also at risk. It becomes a vicious cycle.
It is generally believed that some of the men patronising the commercial sex trade are either married or are in some kind of a relationship with another woman. If not, they would get married one day or fall in love with and probably go ahead and live with a lover who, for all one knows, may think he or she has met the best bachelor in town.
It is so glaring that their trade is becoming a danger to society, and it is time for us all to sound the alarm bells of caution to those who are so engrossed, engaging their services and those who may be thinking of patronising them in near future.
HIV/AIDS has prematurely claimed the lives of many and left many more children as orphans. The focus of all the education surrounding HIV/AIDS is to kill it and not to encourage its spread.
Aside the dangers of HIV\AIDS and other killer sexually transmitted diseases, let me ask guys or men patronising sex hawkers some questions.
What will be your reaction, if you asked a pimp to get you a well-set ashy that knows her onions well in the business of sexual satisfaction? In fact, you insisted she must be a stunt in bed and would make you tour cloud 9, 10,11 and so on.
The pimp, either guy or the madam in charge nodded in agreement to your request. Anxiously, you went up to the room you have paid for all set for the sex marathon.
Lo and behold, a slight knock on your door. As you opened it, a scantily dressed sex appealing girl stepped in to spend the night with you and ‘kill’ you on bed too.
Painfully, just as you finished admiring her body, you looked up to her face and she is your sister. Yes! That preserved sister of yours that was supposed to be in school facing her studies. What would be your immediate reaction?
Your reactions should be able to tell you, if supporting and patronising prostitutes is a good thing. That girl you are banging so bad to get sex worth of the N3,000, N5,000 or whatever amount you paid, is someone’s sister, a daughter to a father like you, a younger sister to some of you who have siblings.
Please, think about it before ramming into any available ‘toilet-hole’ of a prostitute.
I don’t mean to scare you so much, but do you know how far those girls go to protect themselves?
Do you have any idea of what they do with the condoms they gather at the end of every day?
Do you know how many men of different kinds and destiny that have laid with them and deposited all sorts? And you ignorantly pick a basket full each them you patronise one of the sex hawkers.
Multiply the number of the basket of evil you gather by the number of sex hawkers you have slept with. No! Don’t worry, don’t tell me the answers. Just keep to yourself.
You are having spiritual problem, family issues, childlessness, breakdown in business, can’t stay faithful in marriage, no promotion at work, please kindly have a rethink, seek for a spiritual counsel and know where all your troubles began.
The fear of prostitutes and all the evil that follows it is the beginning of wisdom. You can always practice the ABC method. Abstinence, be faithful and remember to always use condom.