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What Do You Know About The Nigerian Export Promotion Council?

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The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (the “Council”) was established by the Nigerian Export Promotion Decree No. 26 of 1976, which was later further amended by the Nigerian Export Promotion Decree No. 64 of 1992, as an Act of the National Assembly (the “Act”).

The Council is governed by a Board which consists of the (1) Chairman; (2) an individual from the private sector who must possess practical experience in the industry; (3) an executive director; (4) a representative each of the Foreign Affairs, Commerce, Culture and Tourism in the Federal Ministries; (5) a representative of the Nigerian Customs Services; (6) a representative of the Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture; (7) the Manufactures’ Association of Nigeria; (8) Farmers’ Association; and (9) the Association of Nigerian Exporters.

The purpose of establishing the Council is to minimize bureaucracy and the increasing autonomy in dealing with members of the organised private sector. Also, the Council was established to help in promoting the development and diversification of Nigeria’s export trade and promotion of the development of export oriented industries in Nigeria.

Functions of the Council

According to section 4(1) the Act, the functions of the Council are to:

1. promote the development and diversification of Nigeria’s export trade;

2. assist in promoting the development of export-oriented industries in Nigeria;

3. spearhead the creation of necessary export incentives;

4. actively promote the implementation of export policies and programmes of the Federal Government;

5. co-ordinate and monitor export promotion activities in Nigeria;

6. collate and disseminate information on products available for export;

7. collate and disseminate to local manufacturers and exporters information on foreign markets;

8. provide technical assistance to local exporters in such areas as export procedure and documentation, transportation, financing,  marketing techniques, quality control, export packaging, costing and pricing, publicity and in other similar areas;

9. maintain adequate and effective representation in other countries;

10. provide, directly or jointly with training institutions, training for its staff and assist with the manpower development of the export community in Nigeria;

11. organise the participation of Nigeria in trade fairs and exhibitions in other countries;

12. administer grants and other benefits related to export promotions and development; and

13. establish special trade promotion facilities in Nigeria and in other countries including the establishment of permanent showrooms  at important commercial centres in other countries.

Powers of the Council

Section 5 (1) of the Act empowers the Council to:

1. receive within Nigeria or elsewhere, any trademarks, licences, protection or concessions relating to export;

2. subject to the Land Use Act, acquire, by purchase or lease, any landed property required for its functions;

3. invest in any activity which would facilitate the development or promotion of exports;

4. solicit for funds from sources other than its budgetary allocation and invest all or any of such funds; and

5. exercise disciplinary control which may include dismissal over its employees.

Some Organs of the Council

The Executive Director

The Executive Director is appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on a strong recommendation by the Council. By virtue of the Act, the Executive Director functions in the capacity of the chief executive and is responsible for the execution and implementation of the day to day policies and general affairs of the Council.

The Export Committee

The Export Committee is a body of the Council which is found in every State of the Federation. According to the Act, its main objective is to constitute a forum for the promotion of exportation of the export products in Nigeria, advise the Council on the best means of achieving the best practices in export, as well as the responsibility of carrying out such other functions as the Council may direct.