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We’ll Resist Pressure To Reverse Anti-Gay Marriage Law – Anglican Bishop

Posted: Jul 22, 2015 at 3:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Nedum Noble  – ABUJA


As speculations continue to heighten on whether President Muhammadu Buhari would succumb to the United States’ pressure over the controversial gay marriage issue, the Anglican Bishop of Kubwa Diocese, Rt. Rev. Duke Akamisoko, said on Tuesday the church will resist any attempt to reverse the law on the matter. 

While not ruling out the possibility of pressure from President Barak Obama on the issue during the Buhari’s current visit to the US, the Bishop expressed optimism that Buhari would not give in to the pressure, especially in view of his religious background.

“Well, it is very sad that America today has agreed that it is normal lifestyle in their own country.

“But I don’t think America will be able to compel Buhari to succumb to the pressure. If they do, we will be among the first to send a powerful delegation and protest on the streets against such a practice.”

Addressing a pre-synod press conference towards the first session of the third synod of the diocese of Kubwa, Akamisoko expressed the view that Buhari would only allow himself to be deceived by the American government if he does not want to last in the office.

“We won’t accept it, we as a church have made our stand known. The Nigerian people, including Muslims and traditionalists, have made their stand known.

“If Buhari wants to last long in office, and get our support, he will never agree with the U.S to bring that thing to our country.

“Definitely, I know the Americans would want to mount pressure on our government, but we are praying they don’t succumb because if they do, a lot of us are ready to go against the practice.

“Before the bill was passed by the National Assembly, the Anglican Church participated fully in expressing our displeasure and stand against such practices and I thank God it was eventually signed,” the cleric said.

He insisted that the church had not reneged on its stand on the issue, which he described as unacceptable and alien to the nation’s diverse cultures and religions.

On the slash of the President and Vice president’s salaries, the cleric said it must have to cut across all sections of the societies if it must be commended.

“If it is going to be done, it should cut across the board, not just the President and his vice. It should be a national issue which affects all of us.

“He (President) said he would not compel his ministers to follow suit, and I’m told their allowances are even more than their salaries.

“It should include all political office holders down to the local government level,” he stated.

The Bishop also spoke on the bail-out for state governments, insisting that the Governors should be held accountable for the office they are occupying.

He also advocated a monitoring mechanism to be put in place to ensure the money was not diverted.

“I can’t imagine how such situation can be allowed to exist in states. They should be made to explain what they do with public funds. Owing workers their entitlement is ungodly and should be condemned,” he added.