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We Are Yet To See APC’s Achievements In Niger –Beji

Posted: Sep 16, 2015 at 12:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Vice- Chairman of the  Peoples Democratic  Party (PDP) in Niger State,  Barrister Tanko Beji in this interview  with  Chinwendu Nnadozie  spoke on The 100 days of Governor Abubarkar Sani Bello of Niger state and major developments in the state. Excerpts:

Tanko Beji

Tanko Beji

The Bello administration has clocked 100 days in office, what is your assessment of his performance so far?

As a political party we are yet to see what the All Progressives Congress government has done in the past 100 days, all we hear is more of threats of probe and allegations of what we did wrong and all that.

Some people believe that 100 days is rather too early to judge or access the APC administration in the state, what is your take on this?

Well, I don’t want to join issues with anybody but I am of the firm belief that opposition voices in the state cannot be shut down by threats of probe. This is a democracy and people should be allowed to express themselves in whatever they deem fit particularly on the way the state is governed.

Could that be an indication that the government in power is having zero tolerance for criticisms?

Well, you know better than I do if it is so or not but I am of the views that opposition should not be caged, rather I expect government in power to look at criticisms from opposition and pick whatever they can pick from and that way democracy will grow instead of threatening to probe and this only make me to laugh because I see this probe thing as a vicious circle.

How do you mean?

Yes, because whatever comes around goes around, the government that is being threatened with probe today probed somebody yesterday and the person that is threatening probe today will be probed tomorrow because it is a vicious circle so the PDP is not moved by threats of probe at all.

The governor in a state broadcast few days ago raised a number of vital issues against your government though some people see the broadcast as rather coming late, what do you have to say about that?

The Governor for the first time in 100 days spoke to his people and people heard him for the first time they were happy so the credit is not to the government but to the people and the PDP in particular who more of compelled him to tell the people what his administration has for them.

Is it not  rather too early to assess the APC government?

Just as I had said earlier and many people also share similar views, the Governor was not speaking and that is why many people has fears if the government was working or not and this brings to the point what I am saying, as a government you pick from criticisms what is good for you to make amends. That has not changed our position anyway because there is nothing new in the Governors’ speech but threats of probe. We had expected the governor like some of his colleagues’ have done in addressing a statewide broadcast to tell us what he has done in the past 100 days instead of telling us about investigation which has not even been completed but because some people are talking and he wants to shut them down he decided to speak. What has he done in 100 days, what has been commissioned just like some others people are commissioning that is what will interest Nigerlites, because wherever you are leave it better than you met it, so our position on the issue of 100 days in office has not changed. Governor Bello has not done anything he has not even started because he has not told us what he has done.

But he said something about administrative restructuring for better and efficient service delivery and to check some administrative anomalies that encourages corruption in governance, does that not mean anything to you as a political party?

The much he has said is about reducing ministries from 21 to 15 and this is not new, that is only administrative anybody can do that what is the effect on the ordinary human being in the streets that is what we want to hear.

The Governor amongst others expressed preparedness to recover all ‘looted’ funds from the immediate past government which by political affiliations you are part off, are you by anyway scared of what will likely be coming up after its findings?

Threats of probe will not shut us down at all because probe is a continuous thing. You probe us today somebody probes you tomorrow, that is life so we are waiting for him to finish his investigations and let us see the probe panel, they are going to be human beings they won’t fall from heaven and this is a democracy if you are charged with anything you appear before the probe panel and you say your own side of the story and somebody will balance the scale its either you are found guilty or you are discharged that is not the end of life so the treat of probe will not shot us at all we are determined to say it as it is as a political party and nobody can shut us down. Instituting probe panels because he wants to threaten some people, no it is not going to be accepted, so this is our position and we want to reiterate that what he said is noted but it will not shut us, it will not calm us down, we will keep talking.

You made mention of the government having no directions yet, can you expatiate more on that sir?

Let the Governor tell us what is the focus of his administration, what is the blue print where are we going to, what does he intend to achieve, how far has he gone towards actualizing that, those are the things we expect him to tell us in first statewide broadcast not to tell us about probes and panels.

Will the continued criticisms not be misconstrued to be that you are distracting government or disrespect?

How do you mean, in a democratic setting? We have the highest respect to him as a Governor because he is our governor but that does not mean that we will not talk. If he wants to probe from now to the end of his administration he is free let him probe but at the end of the day he will tell us what he has left behind, thank you. 

In the broadcast, the Governor said series of monies were transferred severally to the PDP…

Well that is an allegation let him prove it, simple, are monies not being transferred to APC now, let him prove it. He who assert must prove

Do you have evidence that money is transferred to APC?

Does he have evidence to prove that money is being transferred to the PDP? Because he is a governor he said money were transferred and you take it as true, is he not a human being, let him prove it, if he said monies are being transferred to PDP yes, that is an assertion let him prove it

Is the PDP ready for the November Local Government Council election?

Oh yes, I told you we are ready and we are following the time-table strictly. Some people are not ready though because they have not submitted names because they are to complete their nomination forms but we have completed and submitted ours, they are not seeing it and saying anything about that because they are the ones in-charge of the electoral process they are not talking about that. We are following the time table strictly. Niger State Independent Electoral Commission, NSIEC said 4th and we submitted our completed forms before that 4th and we have; 274 councilors, 25 chairmen, 25 vice chairmen ready for the election.