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I Want To Uplift The Christian Movie Industry -Agbakwuru

Posted: Jun 16, 2015 at 3:36 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Richard Agbakwuru is an actor and script writer. He shared with Chinyere Abiaziem on what makes Christian movies seem unappealing and how he intend to salvage the situation.

What kind of script do you write?

I write mainly Christian stories and contemporary stories.


How long have you been in the movie industry?

I have been in the industry for four years; I joined the industry in 2011. I featured in Anya Nwu na Onwa, Latest Idiot in Town, Otuolu and also a soap, I’m not sure the soap is on air now.  The producer said he is working on it.


Do you do other things aside being a scriptwriter and actor?

I’m into ministry though not yet ordained, I’m under pastoral training, there is the programme I hold every last Saturday of every month called ‘Marriage Revolution’, where we treat marriage, family issues, it ‘s an interactive session where people ask questions bothering them so that they can experience peace in their homes.


What can you say about the quality of Christian movies and their acceptance ?

We need to improve more though we are doing well. If you look back when they started compared to now, you will see some measures of improvement. You know we learn and improve every day, we will s get there obviously we are not there yet but we will keep moving to get


to the standard.

We really need to do something about the level at which Christian movies are accepted, it looks as if people are no longer interested in  Christianity. It looks as if when people produce Christian movies, viewers don’t pick interest or patronise them.  Also people are not interested in evangelism; you will find out that people are so interested in worldly things, most especially contemporary stories. People are more interested in it.

We really need God to intervene, as so many people want and are interested in ‘porn’ films where nudity is promoted. At times people may say this one is about preaching and that they have heard much about preaching, this is what I will say makes people not to be interested in Christian films.

Another thing that captures people’s minds in movies is the people they see on the posters or film jackets, they will say oh this is not Ramsey Nouah, this not Emeka Ike as such they won’t be interested even if the  story line might be good.

This is the area I am seeing it from, not that they are not selling but you will find out that the secular film is more rampant than the Christian films. It is a good idea to bring in secular artistes to act in Christian movies.

It’s not that because you are a secular artiste so you can’t act in Christian films, it is about interpreting roles well. If you look at it there is no much difference in pastoring and acting. You don’t need to discriminate to act since it is to pass a message. This is why I came up with this script which is a combination of Christianity and tradition which I believe people will buy into.

Talking about the script; ‘Oh God! Have mercy’, it’s a combination of Christianity and tradition. The story line is about a village called Umuawa, despite that we are in a computer age they still hold their tradition in high esteem. Along the line a pastor was sent to the village to preach, during which it was the time for the villagers to hold their festival in which they consecrate the youths into manhood.

This has been affecting the village even the youths, so the pastor is seen preaching against it, so along the line they conspired against him and sent him into the evil forest. This is  because they have tried all their means to send him away to the village but they couldn’t, they  find out that the only way they can do it is to conspire against him  by accusing him of trying to rape a girl in that village. Their judgment is that they have to banish him to the evil forest for their ancestors or the evil spirits there to judge him but along the line God intervened since his hands are clean.


What difference do you intend making in the film industry?

I want to boost the Christian movie industry and preach the message of salvation and not to discriminate who can feature in Christian movies. Actually I have the passion which is my main purpose of coming into the industry. I have been acting for a while so I have the dream of becoming a movie producer; in the nearest future I wish to see myself as one of the top movie producers in the country. All I want is for individuals or firms to partner with me so that this dream can come true.