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Want To Know Why Nollywood Star, Ejike Asiegbu, Is Champion Of SOTU?

Posted: Jun 20, 2015 at 3:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Justin akpovi-esade


Civil society group, State of the Union (SOTU) has finally explained why it chose Nollywood star Ejike Asiegbu as Champion of the SOTU Campaign. 

“The choice of Nollywood star Ejike Asiegbu was informed by the extreme goodwill the Nollywood star wields across entertainment, politics, sports and other human endeavours. His connection with the youth populace and acceptability among the older generation, as well as the undying commitment he has shown towards a more united and prosperous Nigeria and by extension Africa through various roles he has played in the Nollywood industry, which is undoubtedly the largest movie market in Africa, as well as from comments and statements that have been credited to the entertainment mogul, further informed his suitability as the National Champion for the campaign. He is seen as a foremost actor and teacher. No wonder he is known in the Nollywood industry as Rabbi”, Mr. Okeke Anya, SOTU coordinator in Nigeria, said in a statement last week.

State of the Union (SOTU) is a coalition of 10 civil society organizations that advocate for the ratification, domestication and implementation of key African Union (AU) treaties and legal instruments.

Anya however said the SOTU Project has over the course of implementation adopted a number of result-oriented strategies and approaches that have proved successful in delivering on the project objectives. “These include advocacy to policymakers either for ratification, domestication or improved implementation of AU Instruments that the country has committed to. CISLAC as an organisation also actively engages the media on ensuring that the citizens’ are adequately informed and sensitized on their obligations to government and governments responsibilities towards accountability in the entire governance process.

“Another very key strategy that has proved useful in engaging policymakers has been Policy Dialogues which is targeted at Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) as well as members of the National Assembly. These Policy Dialogues which come in form of meetings and sometimes workshops have been useful in bringing together very key agencies of government that are saddled with crosscutting mandates in other to ensure that issues that have to do with improved compliance of the country to AU Standards are brought to the fore.”

The “My African Union My Future campaign” that was launched recently in Abuja according to him, “is a campaign that seeks to inform and stimulate citizens’ awareness and participation in governance. The Campaign is a component of the broader State of the Union (SOTU) Project which is currently being implemented across the African Continent. The aim of the Campaign is to stimulate citizen’s awareness and participation in governance through ensuring that the ordinary Nigerian is a beneficiary of the cardinal purposes of government in the country. The Campaign also seeks to rebirth the sense of continental solidarity and brotherhood between and amongst Nigerians and other fellow Africans in and across the continent.”

The scope of SOTU; which is “to educate and inform Nigerians on the level of Nigeria’s compliance with the ratification, domestication and implementation of key commitments in AU protocols, conventions and declarations and the impact of implementation on citizens’ quality of life”, appears to be very wide when talking about the AU. How effective has this campaign been so far? “The Campaign has so far had extensive awareness and acceptability both at national and international levels. The SOTU project which commenced in Nigeria in the year 2012 has since its commencement enjoyed support from the Executive and Legislative Arms of Government with the Civil Society groups wholly buying into the project and carrying out related projects/activities which have further amplified the Campaign and the Project. While the implementation of the Campaign and the overall project has not come without challenges, the overall performance and outlook remain very promising. At the continental level, an important AU organ, the Pan Africa Parliament endorsed SOTU in one of its Sessions and urged African governments to work with the organisation.”

The SOTU South East geopolitical zone campaign was successfully launched in Umuahia, Abia State on June 19 with participation from Ministries, Department, Agencies and other relevant policymaking institutions of government at the State level.


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