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Urges Support For D’Tigers’ New Coach

Posted: Jul 7, 2015 at 12:22 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Former D’Tigres Coach, Ayo Bakare, has urged Nigerians to support the newly appointed coach of the team, American William Voight, and his assistants, Ayinla Johnson and Abdulrahman Mohammed.

Bakare, who disclosed this through his Facebook account, expressed concern over what he termed as late preparation towards the Afrobasketl championship, which comes up in Tunisian.

“I received the news with a great sense of elation, that we finally have a substantive coaching crew for our team, D’Tigers.

“I urge all of us to embrace this new coaching crew and by extension, the new D’Tigers, and give them every support possible towards the monumental task facing them. Nothing else matters now except success for D’Tigers at Afrobasket 2015.

“Just like many well meaning supporters of the national team, I had earlier became quite concerned that we seemed to be falling victim yet again to our perennial crisis of poor preparation going into major tournaments.

“With less than 50 days to go to Afrobasket 2015, things seemed to be progressing too slowly for our liking. But the news of the new coach has renewed our optimism that Nigeria can still capture the elusive Afrobasket title this year.

“Why? Because now that we have a coaching crew (never mind the personalities or whether you agree with the choice or not), things naturally begin to fall in place rapidly. Aspects of our preparation, which might have been left hitherto untended, now become the responsibility of the coach and receive his undivided attention.”

The experienced coach expressed optimism on the ability of the coach to turn things around with the team, urging Nigerian sporting public, especially basketball stakeholders, to set aside every difference and queue behind the team.

“The coach in turn will push us to act and put D’Tigers on the front burner more than we would otherwise have done. You will soon see a list of players, a planned training schedule, road map to Tunisia, etc…..just watch.

“We must set aside all our differences (if any) and unite behind this team and this crew. On my part, I will continue to be unflinching and vociferous in my support for the team. It is ‘Our Team’, not just the NBBF’s team. I have already concluded my travel and hotel arrangements and barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be in Tunisia to cheer on the team. Hope to see you there,” he said.

He continued: “Of course my support for D’Tigers has no bearing on my relationship with the current administration of the NBBF, which can be described as frosty, at best. Fortunately, the issues between us have mostly been reduced to clear-cut and easily identifiable matters.”