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Two in police net over robbery, murder of employer

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By Andrew Utulu  Correspondent, Lagos

Two security men have been arrested by men of the Lagos State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) for alleged armed robbery and murder. One is said to be on the run.

Adamu Umaru and Usman Mohammed

Adamu Umaru and Usman Mohammed

Three security guards were employed by Indian businessmen and manufacturers.

The case of murder and armed robbery was reported to the state police command where the SARS team was directed to fish out the suspects. In the process one suspect was arrested in the North while one was arrested in Lagos, while the other is at large.

The three suspected armed robbers, who reportedly robbed and murdered their boss at Ibeju Lekki, were   identified as Usman Mohamed, 27; Umaru Adamu, 35;  and Mohamed (currently at large) whose other names were yet to be known. They were said to be security guards in Trans Africa Farms and Food Company owned by an Indian national.

Investigations revealed that Usman,  Adamu and  Mohammed  were employed by the company as contract security men on January 25, 2015.

It was learnt that on February 11, 2015 Usman, and Mohammed complained to Adamu who was their supervisor  that the company had not paid their salary. Adamu reportedly advised them to take their complaints to the Operations Manager, Mr Srivastava Shailesh Kumar.

It was further learnt that at about 3:30 a.m,  Usman and Mohammed broke into the man’s house while he was asleep, slit his throat, stabbed him in his abdomen, stole a briefcase containing unspecified amount of money and absconded.

Luckily, the victim was able to call and tell the director of the company that he was attacked by robbers before he collapsed. The director was said to have called the supervisor to check on the victim and on getting there, the supervisor found the victim in the pool of blood.

He immediately arranged for the victim to be taken to hospital but he died three days later.

When the suspects were not found the security supervisor arrested their guarantors, who denied being their guarantors but admitted knowing Usman.  One of the guarantors identified simply as Ali said that he was from the same village with one of the suspects, Usman, in Kebbi State. He was then told to inform his family members and relatives that he has been arrested by the police for a crime committed by Usman and plead with them to arrest him (Usman) should he come to the village. Usman eventually arrested in Kebbi State by SARS operatives and brought to Lagos.

During preliminary investigation, Usman confessed that it was Adamu that advised them to carry out the attack on the operation manager.

In his confession, Usman, from Arugungu, Kebbi State, said: “I am married with two children, they are all in Kebbi State. I don’t know exactly when I came to Lagos but it was last year. I am a security man in Lagos, but I was a farmer in Kebbi before I came to Lagos. I came to settle in Lagos because most of my colleagues who travelled to work in Lagos look better when they come home. “Farming was a hard job to me. I am paid N17,000 a month as salary. One day in January, Adamu and I told Mohammed that our master did not pay us salary. He said we should go and meet the Oyibo man, he said that if the man did not pay us, we should do him whatever we like. So we went around 3.30 a.m. I went with Mohammed, I did not know he had a knife with him. He told me to stay by the door, while he entered the man’s house and locked the door. When the Oyibo man was shouting, I could not enter because the door was locked. Mohammed later came out with a small bag and said we should go. He gave me N10,000, and told me that he was going to meet oga Adamu. So I ran away because when mohammed came out from the man’s house, I saw blood in his body and when I asked him why he killed the man, he said I should go my way. “Since then, I have not seen him and Adamu. It is here in SARS that I saw Adamu.”

Ironically, the slain man was not responsible for paying the men, as they were under contract and paid by a black man who hired them.

Adamu, the security supervisor, invited the other two for employment when there was need.

This raised a question of suspected armed robbery and murder, as ordinarily, the suspects had no business asking the late Indian for their salaries let alone going to his house for salary in the night.

The supervisor of the security men, Adamu, from Borno State, said: “The chief security officer of the company told me that he needed three security men. I brought the three and I became the fourth. I knew them in Lagos here; it was a contract work. When it was one month 10 days I called the employer for salary, and he said he would pay, that he had problem with politicians and went to police station. We started work in January; they were first paid for 10 days, after that a month and 10days. That day, they came and said that they wanted their money, and that they wanted to go and meet the Oyibo, I did not agree with them to meet the Oyibo.

“The CSO called me that night and told me that armed robbers had entered the house. Before the man died, he managed to call his brother who came that night and rushed him to the hospital. I met his brother at the gate trying to drive out with him. I even opened the gate for them. The CSO came around 7a.m. I am not part of the robbery and murder.”