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Trump’s Trick Of The Trade: More Lessons For Democrats

Posted: Oct 1, 2016 at 4:33 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Title: Trump 101 – The Way to Success
Author: Donald Trump
Reviewer: Lindsay Barrett and Fortune Alvan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
No of Pages:  188

‘Trump 101 – The Way To Success’ was the Rainbow Book Club Book-of-the-month for August. The club is reading this book in a season when the race heats up for the 45th President of the United States of America. The author, Donald Trump, runs for the Oval Office on the ticket of the Republican Party against the Democratic Party candidate and former First Lady, Hilary Clinton.
This work was originally published by the notoriously self-important real estate tycoon who is now the Republican candidate for President of the United States at a time when hardly anyone seriously believed he could ever be considered for that ticket. As a consequence anyone reading this work at this particular time will find it difficult not to relate the contents to the race for the Presidency and the author’s conduct on the campaign trail.
The work belongs to a genre of publishing that is widely practiced in America in which can be found some highly praised titles that have become global bestsellers. This genre is known as motivational literature and the eight decade old How To Win Friends and Influence People and several others by the late Dale Carnegie are often considered to have been the founding prototypes of the format. The main characteristic of these works is that they claim to proffer advice on how to achieve success in business or professionally through the development of modes of conduct and behavioural attitudes that individuals can learn to adopt.
Reading this work today one can easily understand why during his campaign so far and especially in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention he exhibited a penchant for making boastful claims. When he announced that America was broken and he was the only one who could fix it, he was repeating a theme that is at the core of this work on a less grandeur scale. Over and over in this book he claims that the major asset that any successful person needs is passion for ones choice of work.
Donald Trump’s entry into the world of political gamesmanship that the American presidential contest has become has revealed him to be a master manipulator of audiences, an attribute exhibited in this work with convincing credibility. The personal attitudes touted here by him as general principles are presented with careful attention to the readers’ presumptions of the author’s triumphal veracity. For this reason if for no other the Rainbow Book Club’s choice of Trump 101 as book of the month for August, the month when the Presidential race heats up in earnest, vindicates its continued topicality rather than its literary quality….’  Personal Attitudes Touted as General Principles: Trump’s Trick of the Trade’ by Lindsay Barrett.
Still glowing from the success of his hit TV show- The Apprentice, the world most famous real estate investor, beauty pageant impresario, philanthropist, conventional business man and a bestselling author Donald J. Trump; once again released another creative venture that embodies his unique style and larger- than-life persona in Trump 101- The Way to Success. He has compiled the wisdom and tactics he has used to become a billionaire through his short, to-the- point lessons that contain the essentials he feels can raise one’s spirit and power one who is searching for knowledge to get to the top in their career.
In Trump 101, Trump acts as a personal mentor and coach as he shares, in thirty-three chapters, tips, tactics and strategies to help make the most of oneself, career and life. He provides vital information containing basic rules or beliefs and shows one how to make it work. Also to be seen are challenging questions submitted to him on his popular Trump University blog along with honest answers.
The most fascinating element of Trump 101-The Way to Success are the direness of his stories. This is not a guy who talks about small things; he dashes off statements like
• “For seven years, New York City had been trying to rebuild and restore this beautiful skating rink but it never seemed to work. I stepped in and finished it in three months and for less than ten percent of the city’s twenty one dollar million cost, everyone benefited.”
Trump 101 captures Trump’s management skills, career and financial advice as well as lessons on what he says is the most important element every person needs in order to succeed – passion.’ (From Trump’s Tactics for Success by Fortune Alvan)