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Traits, Norms Of Nigerian Youth

Posted: Jul 17, 2016 at 1:30 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Traits, Norms Of Nigerian Youth
Title:                 Protect Your Vision
Author:     Omowaye Ebenezer Bamidele
Reviewer:         Shobowale Alder
Publisher:         Delwaye Ventures
No of pages:     54

The youths in the Nigerian society have lost faith in the country due to bad economy, insecurity and other social vices that stare them in the face on daily basis. Many of our youths don’t want to have a vision or dream of ways of crafting ideas on how to achieve good results as against the bad economy in the country notwithstanding.
Many don’t see the protection of their vision to be important, but we all must endeavour to always protect our vision and dreams so as to be successful in them.
With this era of cybercrime across the globe, youths have embraced this, while others who wish to be successful must avoid using their minds as a breeding ground for negative and unwholesome thoughts.
Against these many challenges facing Nigerian youths, an adventure has been created in form of a book entitled: Protect Your Vision.
The book x-rays all the experiences of youths and how they can empower themselves having good visions and dreams to be successful in life. The book goes a long way to showcase the traits and norms of Nigerian youths, challenges and how they can muster faith and overcome all these challenges by protecting their visions and dreams.
Written by Omowaye Ebenezer Bamidele, a Minister of the gospel and Choir leader of Christ Apostolic Church, Anifowoshe Zonal Headquarters Ikeja, it provides several answers on the ways of how Nigerian youths can make their  vision a reality through determination, being focussed and treading the right path through God’s direction.
Published by Delwaye Ventures, the book is divided into seven chapters which includes: Be A Visionary, How Vision Works, Value Your Activities, Your Vision, Focussed Planning, Be Inspired For Success In Your Dream, and Your Thought and Words Count.
The author goes further to explain that the catalysts for visionary leadership are prayers, meditation, integrity, honesty, and several other examples. He also includes several biblical injunctions and quotations to assist the youth on how to be a visionary leader.
For instance, the author acts as a teacher and prophet from chapter one to the last chapter, as he also expresses his hope for the youths whom he believes would achieve their greatest in life, if the right vision is adopted by them.
Examples, such as faith, divine destiny and getting your vision right are some of the ways the author provides for an individual to get his or her vision right. Omowaye advises his intending readers to protect their vision jealousy so as not to have a miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion of their vision.
In Chapter four, the author warns intending readers to be wary of whom they share their visions with. Also, the author uses so many examples in the book to empower the youths which will make them to be determined to realise their utmost dreams and visions.
Omowaye, through the book informs the intending reader to be Godly, so that a good future could be achieved with the vision of the individual. He also emphasises that successes, achievements and good deeds come with Godly ways as he explains on various directions an intending reader would seek.
Written in simple English, Omowaye’s style is a usual one. The language is also apt which makes for easy understanding for the intending reader. It rekindles the hope, vision and success for the intending reader who takes the contents in the book into consideration.
The 54-page book would discover the potentials of Nigerian youths to be on the right path and also to task them to achieve success in all endeavours of life.
The book is the true reflection of the happenings in the society and it is one book for all and sundry and not only for Christians alike.
He paints a graphic picture of a situation which will free the youths from the shackles of hopelessness and despair in their lives.
For instance, Omowaye observes that no job is too small for a youth to achieve greatness, but value and importance to office must be the watchword. With 35 wise sayings adapted from the book of Proverbs, all these would make the youths to rise up and move on.
The author also uses the book to showcase empowerment procedures for the youth.
A book well researched for visions and dreams to succeed, it also enjoins the intending reader to always dream big for the reader to be successful in life.
Therefore, the book Protect Your Vision is a must read because of its unique style and fluidity of the use of words and the exact quotes from the bible which will serve as a guide to those who want to achieve results through all the examples as laid down in the book by the author.