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Does Tradition Really Affect Practical Christianity?

Posted: Apr 24, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There was a lot of fuss in the social media community not too long, following the circulation of some pictures; where a catholic priest was allegedly dancing together with a masquerade, at a burial ceremony in Ukpo, Nnewi South of Anambra State.
This did not go down with many who stumbled on the pictures as they poured out their reactions, saying it is shameful a scene to behold, while some other persons who saw no wrong in the scene, described it is a way of bringing unification across faiths. They said it is not uncommon to see priests together with masquerades particularly at burial ceremonies in some communities.
Independent Sunday, spoke with some clerics on this and here is what they have to say.
Very Rev. Monsignor Gabriel Osu, Director of Communications, Catholic Archdioceses of Lagos
When you say masquerade what type do you mean? I do not have any comment on this, maybe you should contact the diocese where this happened.
Bishop Sola Ore, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Lagos Chairman
There is something definitely wrong if the Catholic priest is born again. There is no relationship between darkness and light. The Catholic priest is supposed to represent light, 11 Corinthians 6 verses 14-18. Many have mixed culture with their Christian faith even when such culture has root in demonic worship. Let us be reminded that we are to worship the living God alone without any mixture.

Prophet Gbenga Ajadi, President Praise Deliverance Chapel
If we are true Christians then we should be able to separate culture from Christianity because both are different. The Bible says we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth for that matter. Matthew 28 verse 19 says as Christians, our primary assignment is to go to the world and preach the good message of the Lord to unbelievers and not to dance with masquerades. A priest is a minister of God that went to seminary to obtain knowledge of Christ and how to do things in line with Biblical standard. Whether it is in a local or urban settlement what is bad is bad, how can Christ agree with Belial? This is a taboo. As ministers of God, we should not mislead people or compromise standards, but show them the light in us. Hell is real, heaven is real. We should be careful as ministers of God as we will account for all of our actions on earth when we get to heaven.

Rev Godwin Nwachukwu, General Overseer, Prevailing Grace Ministries
I see this as an unholy act, unchristian, not scriptural, not Christ like and unbecoming of a priest. This is an ungodly tradition that is against the principles and dictates of the word of God and our Christian faith. More so it is shameful and very sad that an alleged priest can be found wanting in this high level of compromise even with his priesthood garment on. It should be noted that the Bible had warned us not to be unequally yoke with unbelievers and that light has nothing to do with darkness. Also, one of the Ten Commandments as contained in the Bible warns us not to serve any other god except Jehovah. So if we say we are now in Christ then old things including ungodly tradition should pass away as 11 Corinthians 5 verse 17, tells us that if any man be in Christ old things are passed away and all things are become new.

Apostle Mike Akinyoade, Elimland Pentecostal Church, Inc.
As far as Christianity is concerned, whether it is a burial, festival or any other event where a masquerade is displayed depicts idolatry. It is preposterous and does not show common sense to see a priest of any denomination, whether in official dress code or not, dancing with masquerade in the name of a burial ceremony. I must add that it is down grading to the Christian faith and the name of Christ which the priest confess, profess or proclaim.

Pastor Mary Ajadi, Coordinator, PFN Women Wing Coordinator
How can a priest be dancing before the traditional masquerade? This stands to portray the church as worldly; it means the church is no longer a place of refuge as members can as well join the world. Christ has bought us with a price on the cross of Calvary; we should not go back to the world.

Rev. (Dr.) Tunde Moses Elebute, International Christian Faith Mission

It is an unholy association which God frowns at. It is terrible for the Priest to be ignorant of 11 Corinthians 6 verses14 to18. He should be suspended and disciplined for sometimes before he continues as a priest. The Catholic Churches in that area and some other areas where this is being practiced should stop doing so. The practice of priest and masquerade dancing together is not acceptable to Christian faith.