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Tokyo Governor Resigns Over Spending Scandal

Posted: Jun 15, 2016 at 10:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The governor of Tokyo resigned Wednesday over spending public money on lavish hotels and spa trips, the latest setback on the mega-city’s troubled road to hosting the 2020 Olympics.

Unpopular Yoichi Masuzoe fell on his sword just hours before facing a no-confidence vote, making him the city’s second governor to quit since Tokyo was named host of the 2020 summer games.

Masuzoe’s predecessor Naoki Inose — who led the capital’s successful Olympic bid — bowed out in late 2013 after also becoming embroiled in a personal finance scandal.

On assuming office as governor, the telegenic French-speaking Masuzoe, a former health and labour minister, pledged to run an administration free of money scandals.

But Masuzoe’s woes began in April when reports emerged that he was using his official car to be driven at the weekends to a cottage south of Tokyo.

Further allegations emerged that Masuzoe had travelled overseas in first class, brought art online and spent public money on family outings and accommodation in Japan.

Masuzoe has faced repeated grilling by the legislature — and in the media.

He admitted to ethical lapses but denied breaking any laws.