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Tinubu: Tasting Bitter Side of Politics

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 at 12:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Augustine Adah


Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of Lagos State and leader of All Progressives Congress (APC) is referred to as a dogged fighter judging by his unwavering struggle that brought opposition party into power after 16 years of democracy in Nigeria. Tinubu who did not deny his role as a leader stated during a chat with Reuter during the last governorship election on April 11, 2015 said, “I am a talent hunter. I put talents in office, I help them. I use the best hand, the best brain, the best experience for the job.”

tinubu-man-in-the-newsTinubu, has been quite open about his role as one of Nigeria’s most powerful political godfathers. But the recent development in the party appears to be a great threat to Tinubu’s position and possibly rubbish his achievement in the past 22 years in Nigeria politics. Opinions are divided over the role of Tinubu in Nigerian’s politics. While some people regard his leadership role as very autocratic and over bearing considering that  others see him as a man who has risked his life for the survival of opposition politics in the country.

Since 2007 when he handed over the reins of governance in the state of excellence, his choice candidates have been governors of the state. In the last general elections, almost all his preferred candidates from the state assembly to National Assembly won the party’s tickets. However, Tinubu is presently receiving the greatest challenge of his political career when his attempt to influence the choice of principal officers at the National Assembly was rebuffed by both internal and external influences.

Analysts believed that Tinubu has got to the peak of his political career and he should be prepared to start falling any moment. Many believe that while he has succeeded in playing politics of godfather in Lagos for 16 years, Nigeria is too big for him to annex politically.  From every indication, the action of some lawmakers who defied the party’s instruction which they believed was pioneered by Tinubu was a rude shock to him. He   least expected such magnitude of revolt from party members in the choice of National Assembly leadership.

His expectation was that having worked tiredly for the victory of the party in the last general elections, the people should compensate him for the effort by allowing his decision to prevail in the party. There is no doubt that Tinubu who holds the title of Asiwaju of Lagos and Jagaban Borgu worked tiredly for the victory of the party in the last election. During his 63rd birthday colloquium held in Lagos, the presidential candidate of the party now President Muhamamdu Buhari admitted that Tinubu could work for 24 hours, meeting and strategizing for the victory of the party. The plan to tame Tinubu according to his adversary’s who dislike his overbearing political influence did not start now, they may have perfected their plan long before now and was only waiting for opportunity to execute it.

In spite the ongoing contention in the party, his loyalists would continue to defend and exonerate him from every accusation by some politicians in the country.  You may call him whatever name but his admirers and loyalists would not forget his generosity.