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Those Who Plan To Islamise Nigeria Are Chasing The Wind – Rev. Chimdiebere

Posted: Oct 8, 2016 at 6:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rev. Best Chidozie Chimdiebere, the resident pastor of Word Exploits Assembly, Akute, Ogun State, spoke to Chinyere Abiaziem on the state of the nation and how he foresees God raising men that will stand in the gap to speak the truth without compromise, fear or favour.

What message do you have for Nigeria on the occasion of 56th independence anniversary?

This is a tough one concerning Nigeria because of my perception and my inclination towards our nation Nigeria, but from my perspective as God’s servant I see God orchestrating situations and instances and bringing about His eternal counsel and purpose for our nation. You know over the years prophecies have gone ahead that Nigeria was going to be a great nation. Nigeria is like the trigger of a gun and South Africa is the mouth. Nothing really has triggered from Nigeria but I’m trusting God that in our 56 years as a nation that God is going to bring to pass the prophecies that men have said will never come to pass. But there is going to be a rebirth and excavation of prophecies and we will begin to see that God is going to bring His counsel to pass. I also want to say that concerning the politics of our nation, I see God himself just like the prophecy that Isaiah saw that I see the Lord in the year that king Uzziah died. In a situation of despondency I see the Lord sitting over the throne of this Nigeria, the word of the Lord over this Nigeria will not fail and by Himself orchestrating prophecies concerning Nigeria and every word spoken about Nigeria will come to pass. Any man or woman standing against the word spoken about Nigeria, God will by Himself sideline them because no man born of a woman can resist the word God has said about Nigeria.

Analysts in the Christian circle are worried that the church in Nigeria has no single voice as they believe everyone seems to be minding his own business. What do you think of this analysis?

You see the Bible says let everyman be a liar and only God be true. This is not the first time; God does not have a voice and nobody is representing Him. Elijah in his days said to God that he was the only one left; God said no I have over 7,000 others that have not bowed their knees to Baal. There are men and women of destiny in this country that have not bowed their kneels to Baal. Only that God has not given them a platform. God has not given them visibility but in this season as we are entering into 2017, before the year 2020 there is going to be a divine orchestration. God is going to take some out and bring men and women that would give God the due representation in our nation. God always has men and those men may not be visible for it is God Himself that brings them from the place of obscurity to the place of visibility. I see God raising men who would not be afraid of men but will boldly declare the counsel of God for our nation and that is what I see and I stand as one of the prophets of Almighty God and I say any attempt to Islamise Nigeria, every attempt to fragment our nation, every attempt to make our nation less than what God has spoken will be frustrated by the Almighty God. For the counsel of the Almighty God shall stand.

Do you think it is possible for anyone to Islamise Nigeria? Nigeria is a secular state like we all know.

It is not about whether it is possible. It has been experimented in other nations of the world. Most of the places that are now Islamic states were once what they call religious states, Christian states and entities. It is very obvious that it is no longer a speculation that there are grand plans to Islamise Nigeria. But that is like chasing the wind, it will never materialise. God allows them in their folly to think they can Islamise Nigeria. The Bible says, Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? They set them together to take counsel against the Lord and against His anointed but God who sits in the heaven will laugh at them and the Lord will turn their wisdom to foolishness and I want you to know that it is no longer a speculation; there is a grand obvious plan and handwriting on the wall. Suddenly Fulani herdsmen invade towns and hamlets and cities and nobody says anything against it and the president will not make any categorical statement of condemnation. Things go wrong that have Islamic undertone and everyone looks away. Very obvious but we trust the Lord that the counsel of God will materialise. Nigeria is bigger than one man and His purpose over Nigeria will unfailingly materialise.

When it comes to Fulani herdsmen menace, don’t you think the blame should be pushed to state governors taking a cue from what Ekiti State governor has done by passing a bill against such menace?
You are right. There is a conspiracy, when men compromise just like you said earlier that there is no voice speaking for God so to speak. When men compromise they lose moral strength to do what is right, many of these governors we have in eastern Nigeria and south west, many of them are not there for the ultimate interest of the masses and their states, it’s like a gentleman agreement, they are there to do the bidding of their masters because there is no way an executive governor can be there in a state for example in a state like Enugu State; how can an Igbo man be a governor and there is this porous encroachment and violation of territorial integrity and the man seems not to do anything. He appears like a weakling and each time I think about this, there are butterflies in my stomach. I know God will intervene and raise up men. God will never leave Himself without a witness, He will raise up men that will salvage the situation.