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Tenant-Landlord Relationship In FCT Must Be Regulated – Dogara

Posted: Apr 30, 2016 at 3:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

…Tenancy Control Bill Goes To Public Hearing In NASS
Ahmed Musa
Yakubu Dogara, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has reiterated the imperative of regulating the tenancy agreements that formalise the landlord-tenant relationship in the Federal Capital Territory.
Dogara also stressed the importance of having a functional transport authority, which regulates the operations and services rendered or obtained by residents from those who own and operate commercial means of transportation in the territory.
The speaker said this on Friday at a one-day public hearing of a “Bill For An Act To Provide For The Establishment Of A Transport Authority For The Federal Capital Territory And For Matters Related Thereto (HB 91); and A Bill For An Act To Regulate Rights And Obligations Under Tenancy Agreement And The Relationship Between The Landlords And Tenants Including The Procedure For Recovery Of Premises In The Federal Capital Territory, And Other Matters Connected Therewith (HB 307)”, organised by the House Comittee on FCT.
??He said: “It is evident that Transportation and Housing are major problems faced by the residents of the Federal Capital Territory. I am aware that at present, FCT does not have a Transport Authority that regulates and enforces Transportation Policies, neither does it have a law that regulates the relationship between the landlords and tenants including the procedure for recovery of premises; and control of property rent in the Federal Capital Territory.”
“There is need therefore, to enact laws that can hide and govern the citizens and also promote investment in the sectors. This Public Hearing will therefore provide members of the public the opportunity to be involved in the process of the making of these laws,” Dogara said.
The Speaker added that the Bill for the establishment of Transport Authority, when passed into law shall ensure development of transport infrastructure and free flow of traffic with a view to  achieving stress- free movement of people and goods across the Federal Capital Territory and to enhance effective administration of transport policy for investment growth.
On the other hand, he explained that the Bill for an Act to Regulate Rights and Obligations Under Tenancy Agreement when passed into law shall regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords and reduce disputes and abuses that often arise there-from. Furthermore, it will make for the amicable recovery of premises by landlords from defaulting tenants.
“May I crave your indulgence to refer to the Legislative Agenda we adopted? Therein, we resolved to engage stakeholders in sectorial debates. We believe by doing so, we will be giving the citizenry the opportunity to bring forth their views on all aspects on the Nigerian economy. Thus the informed opinions of you the stakeholders at this Public Hearing, will form part of the inputs in these new Bills that will be considered and passed into law,” he added.

Treat Gun Wounds, Accident Victims First…, El-Rufai Orders Hospitals
Juliet Oyoyo
Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai has directed all hospitals in the state to treat persons with gun wounds and accident victims before demanding for police reports.
The governor said that the duty to save lives was primary, and must come ahead of formal reports from the police.
Samuel Aruwan, spokesman to the governor, disclosed this in a statement shortly after the 15th Kaduna State Security Council meeting held at the Kaduna Government House on Friday.
“The Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, has directed all hospitals in the state to, with immediate effect, start treating persons with gunshot wounds and accident victims without demanding Police Report as a basis for attention.
“Lives must be saved first, before the formalities of demanding Police Reports from victims.
“After saving lives, hospitals and other agencies can start making inquiries regarding how the gunshot wounds and other injuries came about. We consider it a gross abdication of responsibility if any hospital leaves injured patients unattended because of the absence of Police reports.
“What is important is saving lives. There is no reason for an innocent citizen who has survived armed robbery and needs treatment for a gunshot wound, to be denied the medical attention he requires.
“The hospitals can comply with reporting requirements to the police after providing the care the patient needs.
“This is the unanimous resolution of the Kaduna State Security Council. As Governor, I have communicated this decision to the Kaduna State Ministry of Health and Human Services and other concerned agencies operating in the state.
“A moment of trauma is not the time to put paper before lives. All our healthcare agencies have been advised that it will amount to criminal neglect to deny or delay critical care to such patients.”