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Sunday, Timely warning


Posted: Aug 2, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Timely Warning

What people say has destroyed so many lives meant to be used by God. You cannot truly serve God if you are the person that can be easily influenced by the false words of Men. You must be very careful with those you relate with. In the midst of every gathering whether in Church, your house or your working place, there are people the devil wants to use to stop you from seeing your promised land.

If you are careless with women,  the devil will use them to destroy your home or your destiny. The words of a woman you like is very powerful and strong whether you are in a relationship or not. A lot of men don’t still understand women, therefore they can easily fall under their charm. I have realized as a God-fearing person that if i give enough room to a woman i like, i might fall flat like the wall of Jerico.

Any time i find myself talking to an attractive lady blessed with charm, the next thought the devil puts in my mind is “ Don’t let her go without continuality” therefore i must get her phone number. If you are married and God- fearing, you don’t have any business collecting her number because you are already attracted to her.

You are looking for trouble for yourself and your family. The devil has dispatched many demonic girls and men on streets to destroy many relationships and homes. Guard your thoughts, because in them, are the fountain of your life. A man or a woman obessed with the thoughts of desire for the opposite sex is already conquered.

No Jesus will help you until you stop that desire. Temptation is always sweet but, beyond its gate of compromise is the bitterness of regrets. How many men and women have lost their good marriages just because of one unschooled shaky-shaky girl or one money guy that does not have manners at home.

What the world regards as pleasures are actually destructive to our existence. When Jesus Christ said you must cut your right hand to enter the kingdom of God, he knows that if you don’t stop lying, you can’t make the kingdom of God. If you say you truly love Jesus, then leave those men and women alone that make you sin.

Stop seeing those friends that lie and make you lie. Stop going to places that are high in temptation. If you want your thought and words to be clean, avoid the fellowship of corrupt association. Jesus is telling you to stop meeting with them, they wont allow you to serve God. If sex addiction is your problem, stop going to phonographic site, pray to Jesus and resist it.

You have to give it a good fight to stop it. If you sleep with men to make money, go and look for job, even if it is not a big salary. An idle mind is a place for junk things. Righteousness is not seeing temptation and staying with it. Righteousness is seeing temptation and fleeing.