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Tackling Insecurity in Imo

Posted: May 3, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Anolu Vincent Owerri

Maximum and dependable security of lives and properties could be described as desideratum  for meaningful living in any part of the globe.

Okorocha  IGP Arase

Okorocha                                    IGP Arase

This is because absence of it leads to ceaseless apprehensions, trepidation and anxiety.

Conscious of this, contemporary world leaders have not hesitated to make adequate budgetary provisions for security a primary priority in governance.

Adopting the above development policy, Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, did not hesitate to entrench effective security mechanism in his Rescue Mission Package for the people.

To kick-start the crusade against kidnapping and armed robbery,  the governor swiftly procured modern communication security gadgets, functional vehicles, established the now Imo State Security Network, Community Policing and followed them up with workshops, seminars and  symposia for traditional rulers, presidents of town unions, opinion leaders/moulders on the way forward to tackle insecurity in the state.

The onslaught against hoodlums, hooliganism and other sundry vices in the state was to receive stronger impetus with the appointment of a Senior Special Assistant on Security Operation and Commandant, Imo Security Watch, Mr. Victor Anderson Ugochukwu Akuchie.

An American trained security expert, who arrived the state, four years ago to combat the rampant kidnapping in the state, Anderson explained that the installation and execution of an efficacious paradigm is the magic wand to eliminate the monster of kidnapping and armed robbery that had  held the state by the jugular.

Deploying his wealth of experience in law enforcement, Akuchie, who arrived the state with six of his boys in security  enforcement, undoubtedly brought a new lease of life  to the hitherto beleaguered residents of the state.

“I left my job of law enforcement agency in United States and I  came here with some retired active members of the force and all of them are redoubtable security experts”.

Akuchie noted that security had become a globally expensive  project and commended Governor Rochas Okorocha for according premium to security matters, stressing that his “Youth Must Work programme,” which provided  job for over 25,000 jobless youths with trainings is highly commendable.

He however regretted that pockets of kidnapping and armed robbery have persisted as a result  of lack of resources to train the youths.

The security expert, who justified agitation for the establishment of state police as is the case in U.S. where both state and federal police exist however noted that the relevant law to back it up in the country is  currently lacking.

He dismissed insinuations that state police if allowed to come  on board would be abused by  state governors,  saying, “Policing and  armed forces  are not politically motivated and once it is in the law,  that perimeter will be understood and  once the law establishes them, that fear of abuse will be eliminated”.

Reacting to the Boko Haram insurgency, the security expert extolled the nation’s law enforcement agencies  including the armed forces as among the best in the world but blamed the issues of lack of resources as the main headache coupled with past neglect of security matters.

He expressed sadness that terrorism which has now become a global  problem  had all along been neglected and called for proper intelligence and adequate training to tackle  the ugly trend. His words: “More resources should be invested locally in security. The police are not well paid and if they are well paid and properly trained, they will do better and again lack of resources is a  major  problem because I know how the police and the army are equipped abroad”.

He insisted that the vision of making Imo crime-free is feasible “because  as an expert, you train people to protect lives and properties, you look at the culture of the people and train them accordingly,” warning that no seriously minded foreign investor would like to risk  his business  in an unfriendly environment.

Akuchie advised Nigerians to  always place the interest of the country above every other consideration, stressing that “we should all identify the  criminals, arrest and prosecute  them instead of laying too much emphasizes on funding.”

He said that the surrendering of guns to the police by the Imo State security Network was a politically motivated action probably because of the elections since “You cannot chase and arrest an armed robber in an empty hand”. He however expressed optimism that the police would relax the measure and allow them to operate with guns to do their job well. On Boko Haram, he said that the nation is taking a more pre-emptive action by taking the war to the insurgents, noting that once the soldiers receive adequate resources to tackle them, they would succeed. Since they have already recaptured some towns previously occupied by the insurgents. “If they continue like this, they  will succeed because Boko Haram requires proper intelligence to identify their root.

“The Nigerian issue is that of culture and religious sentiment and Boko Haram can be effectively tackled and training and intelligence gathering are necessary and it is imperative for us as a nation to go  back to the training board. As a matter of fact we need intellectual and psychological training and not just physical training”, he stressed.

While expressing confidence in the ability of the president-elect-General Mohammadu  Buhari (rtd) to find lasting solution to the Boko Haram  scourge, Akuchie extolled President Goodluck Jonathan as a classical example of a tested patriot  whose legacies would forever  remain a source of inspiration for future generations.

He noted that by conceding defeat to Buhari in the just included presidential election, the president has brought honour and glory to the  Black World, which is quite unprecedented.