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Survey Reveals Habits Of Travellers, Tourists

Posted: Jun 28, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

As people prepare to end summer vacations, a new global survey has revealed what it termed ‘the dirty little secrets’ of travellers and tourists across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Though African countries were not covered with by the survey, it is clear that some of these habits were not restricted to the tourists and travellers on the three continents mentioned above but that African tourists and travellers were also involved.

The survey, according to Travelzoo, showed that tourists may also have habits they prefer to keep classified which include taking hotel toiletries, tinkling in the pool or ocean, sneaking goods through customs, vacation planning during work, skipping on a bill and reserving a lounge chair with a towel

Taking Hotel Toiletries

According to the survey, grabbing extra hotel toiletries ranked as the most common travel secret for Americans with 69 per cent followed by Canadians 63 per cent, Chinese 61 per cent and Britons 45 per cent and Germans 20 per cent were the least likely to snag the mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

Tinkling In The Pool

The survey further revealed that almost two-third of Americans 64 per cent confessed to tinkling in the pool or ocean. Canadians came second with 58 per cent, 46 per cent of Britons and 44 per cent of Germans admitted to the using the pool or ocean to relieve themselves while the Chinese with 41 per cent were the least likely to skip the restroom.

Sneaking Goods Through Customs

The survey indicated that while Americans might take the lead on snagging hotel goodies but that when it comes to sneaking goods through Customs, the Chinese lead the pack with 32 per cent admitting they haven’t declared all merchandise at customs. Twenty-three per cent of Canadians admitted to the secret, followed by 22 per cent of Americans and 19 per cent of Britons.

Though the survey did not include Africans, experts say that sneaking goods through customs cut across the continents.

Vacation Planning During Work

When it comes to vacation planning, the survey revealed the Chinese 70 per cent and Americans 67 per cent are the biggest offenders for doing vacation research during work hours. Canadians came in third with 64 per cent secretly booking vacations during work, followed by Britons 40 per cent  and Germans 38 per cent.