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My Support For Spurs Got Short-lived, Says Obajimi

Posted: Aug 8, 2015 at 12:52 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Uzor Odigbo / Lagos


If there’s anyone that deserves some credit for his sound sports analysis, it should be Mr. Rotimi Obajimi.

He has a knack for rules and regulations governing every sport and wants people to follow it assiduously.

But in this Interview Daily Independent conducted in Warri, Delta State at the weekend, Obajimi was asked the European club he supports dearly. And rather than name the club, he said, “I stopped supporting Tottenham Hotspur FC long ago.”

Obajimi’s reasons for dropping Spurs was pertinent and could also make anyone stop following a desired club.

“I started following Spurs through my friend who was a fan. I saw everything good in football as presented by Tottenham. But back in the days in London, I used to play football as an under 15 and 17 and my desire was that one day I will play for Spurs junior side.”

“This is where the problem started, on selection day, the club officials did not pick me and for the first time in my life, I saw racism face to face.”

Before then, Obajimi who now plays golf was a staunch follower of Tottenham FC and even when he was not selected for the junior side, he kept his loyalty.

“It was painful that based on colour I wasn’t considered to play for the club’s junior side. It wasn’t my lack of knowledge for the game or failure in the trials, but my annoyance was that, though I wasn’t picked but why pick boys that were not better than myself, it was really painful. I later decided to let go my support for all clubs including Spurs.”

On what he thinks about football in general, the former IAAF instructor said, “Football, for me is becoming boring, no change, the same teams that have been winning kept winning season in, season out, so it’s too boring to keep watching the same teams all over again.”

He also alluded to the fact that no other club could match his thirst for modern football, “After exiting my support for Spurs, I decided to be left alone and won’t consider any club again, because fans who jump from one club after quitting another are not real fans.”

Obajimi advised that racism should be chased away in football matters, it has killed the followership and limited fans self expression about the game. There must be liberty in the sport where everyone should see another as friends, not a kind of creature from another planet.”

On the local scene, Obajimi advised that the operators of the Nigerian league should learn from developed leagues across the world and implement their findings religiously. He queried, how can club managements owe their players several months of wages and you expect people to go to the stadium and watch and clap for hungry players playing football?  Until Nigeria takes the league seriously, the benefits which other countries are enjoying won’t show.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is an English football club based in Tottenham, London. The club was formed in 1882, as Hotspur F.C., and played in the Southern League until 1908, when they were elected into the Football League Second Division. Before this promotion Tottenham had won the FA Cup in 1901, making them the only non-League club to do so since the formation of the Football League.

Since then, Tottenham have won the FA Cup a further seven times, the Football League twice, the Football League Cup four times, the UEFA Cup twice and also the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. The Cup Winners’ Cup victory in 1963 made Tottenham the first English team to win a UEFA competition. In 1960–61 they were the first team to complete The Double in the Twentieth Century. In 2014 they sold Gareth Bale to Spanish club Real Madrid for a record £86m transfer fee.

On Tuesday 5th September 1882, the Hotspur Football Club was formed by grammar-school boys from the Bible class at All Hallows Church. They were also members of Hotspur Cricket Club. It is possible that the name Hotspur was associated with Sir Henry Percy, who was “Harry Hotspur” of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, part 1, and who lived locally during the 14th century and whose descendants owned land in the neighbourhood. In 1884 the club was renamed Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to avoid any confusion with an already established team called Hotspur FC.