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Stop Throwing Tantrum On Political Opponents, Oshiomhole’s Aide Urges PDP

Charles-Idahosa (1)
Posted: Jul 8, 2016 at 6:35 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Francis Onoiribholo

 Benin – Chief Charles Idahosa, Special Adviser to Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Political Matters, on Thursday called on the leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to put their house in order before throwing tantrums on their opponents

Chief Idahosa who made the call in Benin while speaking to journalists said as at today Edo people were yet to know who the APC candidate Godwin Obaseki is going to face, whether it is Ize-Iyamu or Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

“We don’t even know who Obaseki is going to face, whether it is Ize-Iyamu or Matthew Iduoriyekemwen because their crisis riddled party, PDP, has two candidates. So, we are confused on who to meet. But we are watching and whoever is qualified to meet us will certainly be crushed.

“I was very ashamed when Chief Tom Ikimi was running his mouth at their governorship campaign flag- off that the Central Hospital that every true Edo man or woman has been proud of is a mere clinic, not a hospital.

“Ikimi said that he was the one that designed the hospital but he did not tell us how much he was paid as the contractor; he did not design it for free.  And what he designed collapsed before a competent contractor was deployed to the place. I recalled then that I asked him why a section of this hospital he designed collapse? He said he has no hand in it; nobody should drag me to a collapse building.

“The PDP leaders were equally running their mouth talking about Airport road, that Oshiomhole has not done anything. Where the PDP is making a big mistake is this their talk always that Oshiomhole has not done anything.

“If you watch the day they kicked off campaign at the Baptist ground, Chief Anenih did not talk, Esama did not speak also. You could see confusion in the faces of those who were there because they don’t even know who will be their candidate eventually.

“I have told some of their leaders who are my friends that they should change their tactics because they will be fooling themselves if they continue to say he has not done anything when people have seen that Edo has changed.

“Rather they should advise their infantile chairman that they should be saying that they will build fly over since Oshiomhole has built roads rather than saying he has not done anything.

“They are making mockery of themselves and it is very pathetic. When Ikimi defected to the PDP when he did not get the chairmanship of APC, he said at the stadium that he cooked the food and Oshiomhole removed the pot and the food. I wonder why he is always talking about food and cooking. He repeated it at their rally.

“We want him to tell Edo people how much contract he got under the APC government. I know how regularly he calls Oshiomhole begging that he should be paid some money. Apart from that he always ask for money for diesel and his up keep that he is a statesman.

“We have since decided to keep him calm because he has no electoral value apart from that big name he is answering as former Minister under Abacha. He cannot even win his polling unit on the day of election; you will see him playing golf in GRA here on the day of election so we are not worried about him at all.

The other day Ikimi referred to Oshiomhole as a Kukuruku boy, trying to use derogatory comments against him. I am giving him seven days to apologise to the governor else we will tell the world who Ikimi is,” he said.

On the Ize-Iyamu candidacy, Chief Idahosa said, “Ize-Iyamu is my brother. I find it difficult to attack him because he is my younger brother who is playing politics. But he should not overrun his mouth because if he does, then I will have no option since we are not in the same party.

“My party, the APC has a very credible candidate in the person of Godwin Obaseki who is equally my brother. Obaseki happens to be an old boy of my school, Eghosa Anglican Grammar school. Edo College has produced governor we want.

“Emergence of Ize-Iyamu is not a threat to APC, the thing is that he is both a politician and a Pastor. When Pastors stay on the pulpit and preach to you, you will donate your last kobo to the church.

“So they have this gift of the gab, they can convince you to even bring all your belongings to the church. He is good in making that powerful speech and a politician of so many years, so he has that capacity to convince his followers that he will win even when he knows sincerely that he will crash.

“But Ize-Iyamu is a smart politician, we are aware he is making moves to move to another party if he ended up not becoming the authentic candidate of the PDP because we have two of them now.

“We have heard so many stories about some of members who may want to work with him and jeopardise our chances but let me tell you, registered party members are not up to 5 per cent of voters.

“Ninety per cent of those who will vote that day are not party members; they will come and vote for APC government that has done so well for them. It is only we here in the urban areas that know Ize-Iyamu, most people who are in the rural areas know Oshiomhole and he is the one they will vote for. PDP is dead here right now,” he declared.