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Still on MultiChoice increased tariffs

Posted: Apr 8, 2015 at 11:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

My attention is drawn to a statement credited to the PRO of MultiChoice published in The Punch edition of March 16 in which she was at pains to justify the recent and unwarranted increase in its tariffs to its Nigerian subscribers.

The PRO said that when MultiChoice increased the tariffs for other countries last year, it did not increase that of Nigeria. That may be so but we question the PRO’s ‘best intentions and…commitment to Nigeria’, when it continues to bill us even when our decoders are off, or when there is power outage. In the other countries where it has increased its tariffs, it has done so because of the low volume of patronage that a PAY-AS-YOU-WATCH in countries where that system obtains.

In our initial letter to on this topic on MultiChoice which was published by Punch, we called on MultiChoice to introduce the PAY-AS-YOU-WATCH system of subscription before it would think of ever increasing its tariffs. Yet as at 1st of April 2015, MultiChoice had gone ahead to increase its tariffs in flagrant disregard for the feeling of its Nigerian subscribers who had been urging MultiChoice to rescind its decision.

We are persuaded that MultiChoice does not really have the ‘best of intentions and…commitment to Nigeria’, as it claims. To this end, we repeat our earlier call to Nigerians to boycott MultiChoice for other cable companies willing to give excellent services the way it is done worldwide. We call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to put pressure on MultiChoice to introduce the PAYW system in Nigeria – DSTV makes a lot of money from Nigeria and it therefore must render excellent services. Otherwise let it be shut down please.


•Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku Benin City.