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I started photography with N80,000 –Fakuyi

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Fakuyi Olusola is a young man with an uncanny ability to succeed in his undertaking .This became evident when he took up a new challenge, photography. In an encounter with our correspondent, Olamide Bakare, he talks about his experience since the business began and the desire to grow it



Olusola Fakuyi may not come across to many as someone whose forte revolves around photography but seeing him handle a camera  tells much about his undying love. To say that he has not achieved tremendous success in all that he chose to do may be seen as underestimating his worth. Quite early in his academic life, he embraced entrepreneurship particularly at a time when most of his peers were looking forward to get white collar job upon graduation. At the university , he was involved in general merchandise and made a good showing. Although many would thought combining studies with business may be a bit difficult,Olusola proved that it was a possible task as he put up good showing despite the workload. Speaking on the business and what led him to venture into photography.Olusola says it was the burning desire to fulfil passion.

He said” FFO Photography is a company that is focused on helping our clients to document there events and functions. We don’t just shoot photos, we make events one to remember, you will always want to see those moments. We take pictures that tell a story of the events.

Explaining into details what he does and how he eventually settles for photography, Olusola, as he is fondly called, disclosed that as a business he was involved in all aspects of photography noting that a greater percentage of what he understood about the profession were learned through self teaching

He said” Photography is our business name but we are into event photography, portrait photography, children and baby photography as well as videography as it relates to events generally”.

“ I Have been into photography for 2 years.. I am actually a self taught person. With the help of internet, I made use of available materials both in videos and ebooks which I studied rigorously and practise”.

Commenting on his driving force,Olusola revealed that part of his goals is to remain on top of the game hence his reason why he found learning important in the scheme of things

He says“The driving force behind my work is to be d best in whatever I do and so I opened up myself to criticism from my senior colleagues anytime I had opportunity to sit down with them or had an encounter with them. There are couple of good photographers around me and so I studied how they do their work and try it. I started photography not as a full time job but got interested  along the line. Thereafter, it turned into  a passion”.

Asked if his reason for delving into photography came as a result of inability to secure a job,Olusola admitted that even though it was among the reasons, the need to fulfil a passion motivated him.

“Its partly as a result of not getting a desired job but I won’t say its entirely as a result of joblessness”he said.

Buttressing more on the motivation,Olusola disclosed that an opportunity which presented itself while he was still an undergraduate nurtured the dream.

He said” Photography was born in my part 3 in school when my department hosted an international conference, one of my lecturer gave me a camera to handle for the event. After the conference the lecturer saw the shots and asked if I was a photographer which I responded no . Since then I have been developing myself”

For any business, there must be a beginning. How was he able to raise the initial capital to embark on this profession and the experience so far? Olusola could not mince words as he highlighted the sources

He said”.I had the privilege to take the business up fully after my youth service. I took it up as a profession and started with N80,000 . The experience so far has been awesome. Its almost two years and it has been tremendous. I am happy that the little that I have been able to make so far has been enough to pay my bills..

Speaking on the challenges faced in the course of the business, Olusola though admitted that it’s been a bit tough but noted that passion and determination has kept him going.

He said” Of course, there will be down time, all business experience such. So, photography cannot be an exception. But I think hard work and determination have gotten us to where we are at the moment. Well, generally power is one of the major constraints. Besides, the poor state of the economy has not been helpful. If the economy is okay,then business can thrive well. Its a common phenomenon here but once this two issues are off the table, then, young entrepreneurs will have a level playing ground to become anything they want to become”.

Olusola who has been quite impressed over the turn of events since the business was established says it was a good decision choosing photography over and above other professions stating that there has not been any moment of regret so far. According to him, the boost in business worth is a necessary pointer that the business has grown tremendously

“I never taught I took a wrong decision because am aware of what am called to be and belief God ordered my step.

Commenting on his expectation for the business , Olusola believes with the shape and direction the media is taking, there is optimism that it will  experience a good fortune in the next five years

“My dream and vision in the next 5 years is to be a known brand in event photography especially wedding photography”he said

For business to thrive, it is expected that government offers its assistance, Do you think government is doing well enough to promote the interest of stakeholders such as the small scale entrepreneurs.Olusola responded in the negative saying that little or no regard is given to them in granting of loans.

He said” Government can do a lot for those starting small scale business in terms of financing because that is the main issue.They need to provide access to funds that will not be too burdensome  for repayment.

Advising start-ups, Olusola urged them to remain focused in the pursuit of their goals saying it was only through tenacity of purpose, their aims can be achieved. He reminded them to ensure that whatever they intend to venture into, training was a key..

He says” Training is very important.   Because if you don’t know what you are doing how will you distinguish yourself from amateur in your field. Also, commitment, dedication and stay put on it till people know you for what you do”

He added” My advice for young people that are interested in this business is to find their passion, because that attribute is very important. Once this is checked, then other will fall in place. Start small, no matter how small it is. Make no excuse on capital, just start’.

Buttressing further on the role of mentorship, Olusola urged  aspiring entrepreneurs to see the need to find someone who would guide them in achieving their aims to become a global brand”

He says” Mentorship play a long role in whatever business or profession you are doing, to learn from them , not to make the same mistake they made and to have access to advice and sometimes business opportunities”