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Stakeholders Decry Negative Effects Of Smart Phones On Children

Posted: Apr 8, 2016 at 9:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)



Some Nigerians have condemned the negative effects of smart phones on children and advised parents to withdraw the devices from them.

Mrs. Bose Oladipo, a Primary School Teacher and Social Welfare Officer, said on Thursday that smart phones were adversely affecting the academic and social performance of children in Abuja.

Oladipo said she had observed an increase in the number of children that had performed poorly in school and in social skills due to their dependence on smart phones.

“As a social worker and teacher, I have been around a lot of kids for years.

“I can tell you that the provision of smart phones to these kids had made them dull.

“You will be surprised to know how poorly they communicate and interact with other human beings and how they depend on phones for information that is supposed to be in their head,” she said.

A smart phone is a mobile phone with an advanced operating system which combines features of a phone and a personal computer with other features required for hand-held use.

With the features, smart phones have become part of lifestyle and are expected to give users easy access to information which in actual terms makes users smarter.

Vivian Udoh, a mother of three, also expressed her concern over the negative impact of smart phones on its users.

“These phones were created to make communication easier and provide us with the information we need with the touch of a button.

“Now, these same devices have become tools popularly used by our children to live fake lives online with fake friends and flaunt things that are not necessary,” Udoh said.

“I initially, gave my children phones so as to easily contact them when needed but I had to seize them because they began to perform terribly in school,” she said.

Jude Okon, a human resource manager, said that he had observed a “poor communication skill” among youths using smart phone.

“I have been interviewing people for years and I can’t say that I am impressed with the youths that have come through my doors for interviews.

“They come with fancy degrees and certifications but find it hard to express themselves and communicate.

“Even those who are given written interviews tend to give me shorthand words and slangs because they have grown accustomed to typing nonsense on their phones,” Okon said.

“This smart phone usage has to be controlled; you can’t let your device control you,” he added.