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Spiritual Rebirth As Panacea To Economic Downturn – Adams

Gani Adams
Posted: Apr 28, 2016 at 1:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Augustine Adah

Lagos- In the midst of economic challenges confronting the nation,  many concerned stakeholders have offered suggestions on how best to handle the situation so as to avoid a recession . While some believe in the change of government economic policies,  others suggested that the government need a mechanism that would boost local productions. However,  Gani Adams, National Coordinator, Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) believes that the present economic down turn in the country can only be reversed through spiritual rejuvenation.  Adams who is also the chief promoter of Olokun Festival Foundation, made the assertion at the annual ‘Wealth Festival’ held in Power line, Agege area of Lagos state.  He advised the present administration to retrace its step by seeking spiritual solution to the present economic woes. According to Adams,” Now is the time to appreciate Aje, the deity that is in charge of fortunes and prosperity. It is apparently the most sought- after in life and God, the Supreme Being has created a kind of unique spiritual affinity between man and wealth.” Adams revealed that in the developed world, those in power make adequate spiritual consultations before embarking on any developmental projects and urged the government to accord proper recognition to the role of spiritual consultations in the quest to find solutions to the problem of the country.  “They research into the spiritual realm, mainly to have a clear – cut idea of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it in the physical world. What this means in the real sense of it is that they know for certain that they can only succeed in whatever they do by aligning  first with the spiritual world, before the physical world.” Adams believe that Nigeria has a lot to learn from the example of  countries that has gone from the experience of countries that went through economic difficulties like Nigeria and how they were able to surmount them using spiritual approach.  He lamented that despite the abundance and natural resources everywhere in the country, people are made to go through the present suffering. The solution, according to Adams does not lie alone with human knowledge, but depending on deity. “It is sad that Nigeria could be in this situation, despite its huge human and natural resources that are abound all over the country.It is an Irony of fate that Nigeria’s budget keeps increasing annually, yet there is little to show for it. And the truth is: We have lost touch with the spiritual realm, we believe wrongly in the ability of our leaders.” The OPC leader further stressed that the present fall in the price of oil could be a blessing to the country if handle the situation discreetly. “The global economic crisis and the eventual fall of the oil prices in the world market is a strong indication that we cannot continue to be over-dependent on oil. God has really blessed us as a nation; we have to explore our tourism potentials by creating wealth, thus, using what we have to get what we want.  Now that the present situation continues to bite hard on the people, we have to look inward.” He urged leaders to seek spiritual rebirth to bring a complete transformation of the country’s economic and social sectors. “At a time like this, we need spiritual rebirth. We need spiritual transformation. We need to align with our roots and seek spiritual enlightenment as a nation. Let us seek the face of Eledumare and go back to our roots.  Let us appreciate our God- given wealth and natural endowments. Let us revive our cultural heritage and tradition, Let us promote our local languages. This is our true cultural identities as a people; we can only make meaningful progress as a nation if we go back to our roots. God  has blessed us with everything that can help us grow as a nation, but we abandoned it, we never appreciate what we have until we lose it that is the tragedy of our nation”.  The Chief promoters of Olokun Festivals commended the Agege community for hosting the Aje festival. He further declared that by celebrating Aje festival today, Agege community that hosts the people would experience economic boom. “Aje festival celebration will definitely translate to economic growth and development in Agege and its environs.”  The promoter also predicted that with the celebration of Aje festival participants are reclaiming the lost glory in the country. “By the celebration of Aje Festival, we are reclaiming our lost glory, at the same time, we are saying good bye to lack and poverty. As we celebrate wealth today, we are spiritually blessed with richness and abundance.” In recent times, the OPC leader  has realised that the country has drifted away from traditions and it has not helped the country in anyway .As part of his contribution to cultural rejuvenation, he has promoted several festivals like Eledumare, Olokun to mention a few. During the celebration of Olokun festival like year, he sponsored Yoruba language quiz competitions among secondary students in Lagos State. At that occasion, Adams lamented the neglect of indigenous languages in the country by political leaders who are supposed to champion its promotion. He decried, “In many homes today our children find it difficult to speak the mother tongue, we have adapted to foreign language to the extent that we don’t speak our mother tongues to our children at home.” He promised to use his resources and ensure that the Yoruba language is accorded its position of place in Nigeria and beyond. The Festival attracted members of Oodua People’s Congress, Oodua Progressive Union, (The Yoruba Organisation for Yorubas in Diaspora). It had in attendance HRM Oba Ambaliu Hakeem Agbedeyi1, the Alayoge of Orile-Agege,HRM Oba Adeyemi Akanbi, Oba Orisa  of Benin Republic, Chief T Jaji, Baale of Allen, Chief TN Bakare, Baale of Omole,Prof. Kolawole Raheem of University of Education,Ghana, Dr.  Adesanya Ahmed of the department of African Languages,Literatures and Communication Arts Lagos State University, Chief Akeem Muraina, Baale of Ifako,Prince Kunle Adeyemi,Akogun Gani Kayode Balogun,Publisher GKB News, Orile Agege Council of Chiefs and several others.