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Solomon Had 4,000 Jeeps In His Time – Jacob

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Apostle Charles Jacob is the founder of Believer’s Family Assembly in Lagos. In this interview with Lukmon Akintola, he spoke about issues bordering on the body of Christ and why men of God now focus on preaching holiness and prosperity.

Men of God now prefer to preach holiness and prosperity in the church as opposed to salvation, why is this?

Apostle Charles Jacob

Apostle Charles Jacob

Holiness is the beginning of prosperity and without holiness you cannot prosper. However, some Christians are now misinterpreting it. Holiness is in the spirit, prosperity is in the heart also poverty is in the heart. It must however be stated that poverty is not holiness. The two are different things, but they work together. Let me tell you, prophets who came before us have preached holiness and salvation. Now people want to prosper because this is the end time.


In the name of dressing well some men of God now indulge in attributes of women such jerry coils, what is your take on this?

Either you wear a jerry coil or not, if you are not holy, if you die you go to hell. If you are wearing ear rings, plating your hair if you are holy and you die you will make heaven. Gold rings or bangles are not sin.  During King David’s time, the bible said that the handles and the pillars bought to build the house of God were all gold and any time God wants to ask for sacrifices he tells Moses to tell the children of Israel to bring their gold, silver, and bronze for sacrifice so that he will use it to make ark, even the ark of God was made of gold.  Some people read the bible and they don’t have revelation inside it. They just read it and don’t know the meaning; hence they interpret it without revelation.


Apostle, how do you feel when you hear men of God publicly criticizing church members who join the congregation poor only to desert them when they become rich?

The church is meant to change lives, to transform lives, so if the poor don’t come to church lives cannot be transformed, testimonies cannot come, miracle cannot come. If you start from the church, break through, forsake the church, and God and then go into the world, when such a person falls he will come back to look for God. Man cannot rise without God


It is common to hear statements like I have prayed, but God hasn’t answered, what are the parameters for attracting God’s blessings?

First and foremost, you have to have the fear of God; the bible said that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.  Another thing is holiness; he said the generation of the righteous shall inherit the earth.  You also have to devote your heart and time to God. The most important requirement is God first, you must have a relationship with God; you must know God before holiness, before you can devote yourself to him. Faith is also integral. If these five things are in order, then you must become great in life.


There are people in the church who are so religious and devoted to the doctrines, but yet remain poor, why is this so?

The bible said that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. It is not about serving God; it’s about you having the understanding, the capacity that God need to change your life. You may be coming to church and you’re not connected, your eyes have never open to the things of God, you never know the ability of God, which is talking about what God can do.


Clergymen who are supposed to discourage material lifestyle now seem the ones promoting it. Some reside in castles and fly private jets while most of their congregation live in poverty, is this doctrine from the Bible?

It is good for men of God to ride good cars, live in good houses. The Bible told us how Peter asked Jesus, “Master now that we are following you what is our reward because we cannot just work for nothing, we left our shipping company, left everything we have and followed you, what is our reward? Jesus replied, “whoever that leaves his father, his mother, his brothers, his properties, and his company and follow me that person shall have hundred folds of whatever he has forsaken. That is good houses, good cars, good aircrafts, good private jets, good clothes, gold, silver, etc”, so there is nothing bad for a servant of God to use these things but it is bad to use them with pride and pomposity.  If God blesses me I will start spending my blessings on the people around me, no matter how little. There is nothing wrong for a man of God to build estates, the Bible said that Solomon had estates, he built his house for 13 years, not that there was no money but because of the size of the house of God that he built. Solomon also had 4,000 jeeps in his own time and twelve thousand drivers and the Bible said that he built 12,000 estates, each driver had one estate. I don’t understand why people are angry when a child of God is prospering.


Why do you think people now flock churches where vision and are prophecies are the order of the day?
What I know is the Bible like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop Oyedipo. You can be preaching the word and prophesy or revelation will come. There are prophets that prophesy in the name of the Lord. Any prophet that God anoints and give the power of vision can never take money from you before he prophesy. We hear of men of God now going out of their way to make money, acquiring dubious powers to make riches, what I know is that the Bible says that many are called but few are chosen.