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How soldier was dismissed for  robbery

Posted: Apr 4, 2015 at 2:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Andrew Utulu Correspondent, Lagos.

For Ugo Williams, 28, from Okunano in Enugu, a dismissed soldier, his journey to no return in the military started when he was alleged recently of armed robbery.

Williams and Aku

Williams and Aku

Williams and an alleged accomplice, Obinna Aku are currently being quizzed by Abba Kyari, the officer in charge of the Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS of the Lagos State Police command under the directives of the Commissioner of Police CP Kayode Aderanti.

The Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP who confirmed the arrest t said that SP Kyari was directed by CP Aderanti to investigate the extent to which the suspect had perpetrated crimes in the state under the guise of a militry man.

The matter which brought Williams who claimed to have joined the military in 2007 to SARS custody was transferred from Olosan, Mushin Police division when  on 16th January, 2015  one Adniran Ademola alleged Ugo Williams and Obinna Aku conspired to and robbed him at Mushin area of the state.

He alleged that on that date, both of them stopped was he was driving when they noticed he was wearing a camouflag. He alleged that Williams was putting on a military uniform then.

According to the victim, he was asked if he was a soldier,he said no, adding that both suspects entered his car and told him he was under arrest and threatened to take him to the military barrack. He was said to have played along with them by pleading.

They allegedly demanded for huge some of money if they must not take him to the barrack.

He kept pleading thaT HE HAD NO MONEY ON HIM. He howver took them to a bank in mushin where he had an account to use his ATM, but on getting there, it was discovered there was no money in the account prompting Williams to slap him and threatened to take him to their barrack.

The man was said to have ran out of his car. His phones had already been taken by the suspects. Also, the little money with him was taken by the duo who drove his car away to Ladipo Market for the purpose of vandalization and sale.

It was in the process that Obinna was arrested. It was further revealed that on Sunday, the victim sighted and reconised Williams in Ojuelegba area. He raised an alarm which led to his arrest.

It was gathjered that following Williams arrest, the military authority came for him and requated his transfer from the police to the military for trial. Williams was said to be tried in line with the military system, found guilty and dismmised. The military after his dismissal returned him to SARS as a dismissed soldier for further investigation and prosecutiopn.

Confessing his involvement, Williams told Saturday Independent that he was married with a kid

“I was formerly living in NAFRC barracks, Charity Bus, Oshodi. I was recently dismissed  on three count charges. I was arrested because of car snmatching. I snatched Honda   Accord (End of Discussion) EOD. We were two in number that did the operation. The other person is Obinna. The man was impersonating the military because he was putting on military camouflag.I asked if he was a soldier, he said no, I said he should follow us to the barrack. It was about 5pm on 16th January, 2015. On the way, he started pleading and offered to settle us with some money. So we took him to his bank but he could not withdraw anymoney with his ATM. So I said we should go to the barrack. Along the line, there was traffic, an argument ensured between us and I slapped him. He started shouting my eyes-my eyes, jumped out of the car and started running.

I pursued him, but he ran away. We took the car to Akala, Mushin. I later abandoned the car with Obinna. He drove it from their to Ladipo to sell. There he was arrested. I was arrested at Ojuelegba when I went to see a friend. I was taken to Olosan Police station from where I was transferred to SARS.

I have snatched so many phones along that road.

I have not snatched a car before, but Obinna had.

But Obinna, 29, from Orlu in Imo State challenged thjis saying that both of them have operated together and snatched vehicles.

“We removed my Oga’s bus from the park and my friend’s car.

Williams said he did not operate with gun but uses his military uniforms to intimidate victims to submission.

Copnfessing further, Obinna said “I am not married, but I have a baby girl from my girlfriend. I live at Iwaya, Sabo. I have been involved in car theft.One was my Oga’s bus, I was driving it for him before I became a motor mechanic. The second one was my friend’s Faragon bus. The third was this Honda EOD. Williams was also involved in the three.

I sold the bus for N25,000. For my friend’s bus, I sold it to amn who had not paid us yet but gave us N7,000.

Williams confessed that he smokes both Indian Hemp and a drug called Chalie.