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Social Life In Strict School: A Peep At Covenant University

Posted: Jun 30, 2015 at 12:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Kimberly Okonkwo


There has been criticism about the strict regimen of some private tertiary institutions in Nigeria many of which are owned by religious bodies like Redeemers University, Babcock University, Madonna University, Covenant University and Bowen University, amongst many others. These schools have restrictions on student including their movements, clothing and even use of gadgets.  To some parents, these are the perfect schools as their children are not just getting education but also learning discipline as well.

Social Life

Social Life in School

However, for some people, they are close to being maximum prison. With the limitation of activities student can get involved in, these schools are restrictive when it comes to social activities.  Students have however found ways to have a vibrant social life within the parameters of their restrictions.

Covenant University is one of such Christian-based Institution and the students have their own share of restrictions. For example, there is a face scanner which students must look into intermittently so that the authorities can know where they are at every point. Students also have dress codes and their clothing must conform to the school code.

Also at Covenant, there are no open doors for activities like parties, intake of alcohol and of course hard drugs. However, there are numerous social activities following a particular order and timing since the institution is very particular about punctuality and order. Every semester, musical concerts are organised for various genres of Christian music including Christian Rock which gets the attention of most students craving for loud music. Of course, all students don’t have similar interest and choice of music, so the school also has a classical choir which presents with instruments and sometimes, hymn songs which may suite the taste of others. Once in a while, there are talent shows conducted for students to sign up and do whatever they know how to do best; it may be music, acting, dancing or even comedy.

There are also clubs or associations referred to as ‘service units’ under the Chaplaincy. At the sight of Chaplaincy, one may be tempted to conclude that it’s all about Church activities but almost all this units have a night to themselves to entertain the entire student body. For example, there is one called ‘Reflections’.  They come up with dance moves and they make their presentations based on Christian Rock. There is also the ‘Theatre Group’, which make scripts and present dramas which could portray just about anything in line with the interests of the student body. Most times, a drama night is put together just for them but they also make presentations on ‘variety night’.

Annually, there is a fashion show referred to as  ‘Redefinition Fashion Show’ where those with an idea on make-up, fashion and styling come up stage to show what they have got and how innovative they are, though the models are chosen systematically after series of auditions. At times, stylists and fashion designers are invited to witness the artistry and catwalk.

Lovers also have something for themselves. Every year there is the ‘college dinner’ hosted by the school administration whereby every student gets to take a ‘date’ to have a lovely evening comprising of comedy, dance presentations, refreshments and good music usually about ‘love’. Aside the college dinner, the school allows each course to have their own dinner night or cocktail as the case may be and according to the liking of the students where awards like “best couple”, “most charismatic” and “class fashion icon” are presented according to the views of their course mates.

At the end of the year, before the final exams in the semester, there are usually what is called “Christmas bash”. It is usually held in front of the cafeteria. Sometimes, students are given tickets with numbers written on them and if you are fortunate enough to have your number called, you will definitely not go home empty-handed.

Interestingly, there are many entrepreneurs in Covenant University and many of them are photographers. An average photographer can earn nothing less than N10,000 per month. There is something refered to as ‘love photography’ where discounts are given based on the concept of what the unit organising it stands for. It is usually organised by ‘The Project One Million Soul’ which comprises of a large group of students with the sole aim of reaching out to people financially, socially and if need be, spiritually. There is no passing day they do not lighten up a soul.

Emmanuel a 400 level talks about the social life in the school. “CU(Covenant) has a customized way of living and socialising. Therefore, the pattern of catching or having fun in CU is very different from other Universities and it may sound like a timetable but there is always a program in CU every weekend before exams; 70% social and 30% spiritual. A lot of clubs have been set up in the institution for the benefit of the students including the ‘Covenant University Evangelism Team’ . Their office is like a home and they even have a group on facebook where a lot of activities and discussions take place and all these are not restricted to spiritual issues. One area where Covenant University Students are not slacking is the social media, at least 60 percent of them are on all the social networks.”

Definitely, the social life at Covenant University is not sufficient for some students as they still go ahead to flout the rules stated to guide the conduct of students and most times they get caught and subjected to punishment. In all, like another student in 300 level said “Having a social life in CU isn’t hard but it is not also easy for all”.