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Posted: Oct 3, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Talkative The Big Boy

I came out of the elevator of Transcorp Hilton, Abuja on Monday at about 10am and who did I see standing by the doors? Former Lagos and now Abuja based comedian Talkative, waiting to take the lift.

He was the one that quickly recognized me because I was busy talking on phone. I teased him about his present ‘Big Boy’ status (he was in fact heavy with the former government of Goodluck Jonathan and at a point, he was practically living in Aso Rock) which he denied anyway.

Talkative informed he was going to his room and if I could spare some time for coffee, I said no as I had a flight to catch and I was just about checking out. He gave me an open invitation: “Anytime you come back, make we do lunch or dinner na”.

You see what I mean? Big man good o.

Kefee’s Still ‘Alive’…On Star FM

I nearly jumped from the seat of my car sometime last week as I drove out early in the evening. What actually had me so shaken was the clear voice of lateBranama singer Kefee saying; “Hi, my name is Kefee, keep listening to Star FM…”

Why would Star FM still retaining that program promo by a deceased artiste? Playing her song is one thing, listening to her voice telling a listener to ‘stay tuned’ to the station is another thing entirely.

I don’t think it is professional and Star FM should do something about it. How would it sound if you heard a Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston’s voice telling you to ‘stay locked’ on a radio station, as if they are still alive? Are they giving us this ‘advice’ from the great beyond?

Empress A J…You Are Good

Because of one person, I now listen to Star FM and she is the presenter of Starville, a reggae program that starts around 8pm daily. The deft manner the young lady handles the show; the kind of music she plays…Empress AJ is good! I love her show.