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Posted: Sep 26, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ay Comedians Also Cry

Comedian Ayo Makun popularly called AY was lamenting early in the week about what a marketer allegedly did to his brand name ‘AY’. Read his Blackberry broadcast message unedited:

“DISCLAIMER:  I have recently discovered that a Nigerian movie marketer has resorted to fraudulent (sic) way to market his movie. The movie is actually titled ‘The Number One Fan’ but the marketer has chosen to rename the movie ‘Inspector Ay’ to deceive Nigerians into buying the movie. This is to formally disassociate myself and brand from the title being used to deceive Nigerians. I only acted as a supporting actor in the movie. But this marketer has chosen this deceptive means to market the movie.”
The comedian has threatened legal action on the marketer: “Please be rest assured that I plan to use all legal instruments available within the country’s copyright laws to correct this illegality.”

Take heart brother, truth is, comedians also cry.

As Opa Williams Turns ‘Blackberry Road Marshal’

Minutes after AY’s Blackberry broadcast came, Snipe4Snipe got another one from comedy merchant Opa Williams, advising motorists to avoid some routes in Lagos that Monday morning. This is Opa Williams the latest ‘Blackberry Road Marshal’ reporting: “Ikorodu road to Lagos and Apapa is a complete trailers and lorries park this Monday morning. Do not attempt. Please.”

I can only imagine the kind of horrific traffic Opa Williams was trapped in that morning which made him to send that message warning people off those routes. Epele o, that is Lagos for you sir.

Chidi Nwoekabia Opens Upscale Bar

Weeks after getting married, Nollywood producer Chidi Nwoekabia reports say has opened an upscale bar at the space at the back of his Surulere, Lagos office.

The ‘informant’ that squealed said the bar is something “out of this world”, I was quick to remind him that since the bar was “out of this world”, I won’t be in a hurry to visit it since I don’t want to step out of this world. Anyway, this is saying congratulation to Chidiski Chiduski, I am sure it was the new Madam’s idea. Women sha!