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Posted: Aug 1, 2015 at 12:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ras Kimono’s ‘New’ Outfit

On Monday, reggae icon Ras Kimono took to his Facebook Timeline and announced he had ditched his familiar Rastafarian outfit for Nigerian traditional attire, temporarily. He displayed a picture of himself in the new outfit that he seemed very happy and proud about.

I hereby present to you Ras Kimono’s ‘new’ outfit.

Wait o, abi bros wan use style take forget reggae? Na so e dey take start o. Anyway sha, nice outfit if you asked me. Remain the ‘dada’ (dreadlocks) wey im go change to a crew cut.


How Dadi Monso, Wife Got Their Groove Back

I was sitting on my own (as if I will sit on other people’s own na) at celebrity hangout O’jez last week Friday when someone tapped me on the back. It was Nollywood producer and actor Dadi Monso and his heavily pregnant wife.

They offered me a plate of peppered goat meat popularly called ‘Asun’, I declined. In less than 10 minutes, Dadi Monso had devoured a plate of ‘Asun’ and even joined his wife to decimate hers. Haba! He was not done yet; the producer downed a big bottle of a popular beer and ordered big fish and chips that O’jez sells for N3, 000 for his wife who said she would take it home.

Monso was on my case to eat or drink something, so I took a bottle of mineral water. Anyway sha, I am constrained to tell you his fans about what went down at O’jez. But if the guy nor gree buy me anoda tin next time, na una go hold sha.