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COLUMNIST, On The Prowl, Saturday

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Posted: Apr 25, 2015 at 12:29 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ali Baba curses Arsenal ‘haters’

COMEDIAN Ali Baba wrote on Facebook recently what he thought was a joke but did not sound like one after all. He wrote: “All of you on my TL (Time Line) who are doing like you did not hear that Arsenal is 2nd on the EPL table, may God ignore your efforts as well. Winches”.
This is love for a foreign club taken too far. “May God ignore your efforts…?” Come on, Ali Baba, nor be every tin be comedy.


Ejike Asiegbu rues Jonathan’s election loss

NOLLYWOOD actor, Ejike Asiegbu, was not a very happy person a day after it dawned on all that President Goodluck Jonathan would not be spending the next four years as occupant of Aso Rock. Asiegbu, just like his colleagues in Nollywood is a die hard supporter of Jonathan in the run up to the election.
“Well, it was a contest, someone won. We are still Nigerians, we will remain Nigerians. President Jonathan is a hero and Nigerians will remember him as one,” he said meekly at celebrity hangout, O’jez on Thursday.

… As Daniel Wilson sobers down

ONCE upon a time popular music act and later day Jonathan campaigner on Facebook, Daniel Wilson, has sobered down since the president lost his re-election bid to General Muhammadu Buhari.

Recall I told you how Wilson was running riot on Facebook insulting everybody that dared to say Jonathan had not done enough to earn re-election. He ha since withdrawn into his shell, still stunned as to what hit him square in the face. Some events sure have a way of humbling arrogant people. To God be the glory


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