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Skye Bank Gives Back To Customers In Promo

Posted: Mar 23, 2016 at 8:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ikechi Nzeako, Lagos

Banks play important roles in the economy by acting as intermediaries between those who have money and those that want to use money to do business. They also lend money to their customers and help their businesses to grow.

However, Nigerian banks have come under severe criticism recently with many Nigerians accusing the banks of milking the economy and growing at the of expense of the economy, adding that while other sectors of the economy are in dire straits, the banks are making abnormal profits. The banks also are accused of charging high interest rates and demanding difficult conditions before granting facilities to their customers. They are also accused of not giving to society from which they rake in billions of naira on a yearly basis.

But many Nigerians are attesting to the way Skye Bank is transforming their lives through its “Reach for the Skye” Promo Draw, which is perhaps one of the longest promotions being run by a financial institution in the country.

The “Reach for the Skye Promo Draw” which has seen several customers carting away N1 million, N250,000 and N100,000 respectively, is a way of encouraging a savings culture among Nigerians while improving their lives and businesses.

 In March, the train for the next draw is moving to Watt Market in Calabar, the Cross River State capital.

In a recent interview with some of the beneficiaries of the ongoing reward scheme, Ayanninuola Toyin from Idanre branch, Ondo State, a winner in the N100,000 category, said she did not believe in the credibility of the promo draw until her account was credited with the said amount.

“Since winning, I have been a brand ambassador for Skye Bank, informing people; both family and friends about this promo, because it is real unlike many others out there. I will rather save my money in a bank that looks after my best interest,” she said.

Supporting Ayanninuola’s comment, Ilechukwu Godwin Nwokebi, a winner in the N100,000 category from Obosi branch, Anambra State, stated that she prays for the bank daily, as his winnings came at a difficult time in his life.

“I am so happy that I cannot say much. But let me use this medium to encourage people to open either a Skye Save Plus or a Skye Ease account to benefit as well. This is the only way to understand the reality of this promo draw,” the businessman said.

According to Skye Bank, the ongoing “Reach for the Skye Millionaire Reward” scheme was instituted not just to encourage customers to save, but to reward them for doing so. 

Speaking on the promo draw, head, Retail Banking Group of the bank, Nkolika Okoli, said that the “Reach for the Skye” promo draw was initiated to encourage a savings culture among its customers.

“The Reach for The Skye promo is not about us as a bank or what we can get from customers, it is actually not a promo but a corporate social responsibility programme to reward mass market customers for saving their money in a bank. This is to support the Central Bank of Nigeria’s financial inclusion policy. So testimonials like these are what we envisaged when we commenced this campaign,” she said.

The bank’s ‘Reach for the Skye Millionaire’ reward scheme is an ongoing initiative which will see the bank give away the sum of N60 million in one year to customers who operate the “Skye Save Plus” and “Skye Ease” savings account types with a minimum credit balances of N2,000 on an incremental basis. The higher the account balances, the more the chances of winning in the promo.