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Should A Woman Date A Younger Man?

Posted: Sep 1, 2015 at 12:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Kimberly Okonkwo

Some say age is just a number but some don’t think so. If a man is older than the lady, it is not a big issue, but when it is the other way round some people have their reservations.  Speaking with a cross section of Nigerian, we were able to get their views on the issue.

Ezeh Amarachukwu

I can tolerate same age but the guy being younger, hell no. Girls need mature guys, like one to five years difference in order for him to understand how precious the girl is.

Komolafe Blessing

I’m not against the guy being younger than the lady, it just shouldn’t be too much because women age faster than men and some of this things are taken to the extreme. Some actually go overboard forgetting that it’s a taboo in some places. At least they’re fully aware of what they’re getting into. Besides, there are many people who are really involved in the age gap stuff out there. It’s okay as long as love exists but it comes with few complications though because most women are really age conscious. She is likely to keep reminding the guy at every given opportunity that she is older, which isn’t cool but as long as there’s love, it’s cool.

Omoike Toluwani

It’s not a bad idea as long as the lady respects the guy and they are both matured enough. There should be a level of understanding and unconditional love.

Nwabudike Chinedu

Age is just a number. Maturity is all it takes to go into a relationship and that doesn’t come with age.

Opeyemi Adelerin

Love shouldn’t be based on age, race, tribe, culture and ethnicity. It should come from the mind, love is a thing of the heart.

Ayomide Adesanya

If two people love each other, their feelings should outweigh such insignificant detail. The only problem could come from the female because she wants a mature person and someone older than her. She may also feel ashamed socially but then, what is love without risks?

Aghuno Nkem

I don’t think it’s proper, there has to be respect. If God wanted a woman to dominate, he’ll have created Eve first. A woman is there for support, we were brought out from man

Adekanmbi Omowonuola

It just requires love and understanding. I believe for a relationship to actually last, it requires love first of all. Then the lady has to be extremely submissive regardless of the age difference. Since such ladies are hard to find in this jet age, I’ll just advice that the guy be older and not the other way around because if he’s older, he won’t have a problem handling issues especially when it comes to settling disputes.

Omowurare Mofiyinfoluwa

I don’t think it’s right. I think it only makes sense when the guy is her age mate or if he’s older than her.

Opeyemi Adelerin

I think there’s nothing wrong with that if there’s love. Why should age stop two people who are head over hills?

Gbuyiro Boluwatife

I don’t think that should be a weird thing if we really love each other but if the age difference is too much, I don’t think it should go beyond dating. People may start to see you as a paedophile