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‘Shocky Shocky’ First Bank ATM

Posted: Sep 5, 2015 at 1:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Justin Akpovi-Esade

If you have not experienced an electric shock before, this is your best chance to do just that  –pay a visit to the ATM gallery of First Bank Plc Aguda, Surulere-Lagos branch anytime it rains, especially this rainy season. You will sure receive some mild electric shock that will warm you up against the cold weather.

I wanted some quick cash early in the week while it was raining so I stopped by at the Aguda branch of the bank. It was around 9am. I parked less that 10 metres from the ATM gallery and walked less than a minute to the first machine on the row of over three. When I tapped the keyboard, I felt a tingling sensation that was slightly noticeable at first. I punched the keys again, this time faster, and then I knew I was having direct contact with electric. But I quickly finished the transaction and decided to make a formal complaint at the Customer Service desk.

The young lady did not look surprised, which surprised me. She called on someone, perhaps of a higher authority and told her about my complaint which sounded like “the ATM is still shocking o”. They apologized and promised it would be fixed “very soon”.

As I made to enter my car, I decided to sound the security guard hovering over and around me out. “Dis una ATM dey shock o”, I told him.

His reply shocked me more than the reaction of the officials inside the banking hall: “Na so e dey be for rainy season Oga mi”. What? “ATM dey shock for rainy season?” I asked, very confused at this point with a bewildered smile playing on my lips.

Yes o, you no say na electric na, so if small water touch peson hand and im press am, e go shock na. You no how electric be na.” At this point, I knew it was useless arguing with him. I looked at my palms to see if they were wet, the reason he gave for the reason he gave for the shock I got. They were dry. I was still in shock as I drove off.

If I had never used any other bank’s ATM when it rained before, I would have bought the guard’s theory. But wait a second; maybe First Bank should just place a hand dryer very close to the ATM gallery.

The song, ‘Electric Boogie’ that ruled the disco floors in the early 80s was playing in my mind as I drove away. Later it switched to Orezi’s ‘Shoki’.

So readers, anytime you want to use the ATM at First Bank’s Aguda branch (when it is raining), just be ready to dance ‘Electric Boogie’ or ‘shoki’ depending on your age and music taste because you will sure have a reason to as soon as you touch the ATM keys with a ‘wet’ hand.

Fear never let me use the machine anytime rain fall since. In fact, I first check weather report to find out it if there will be clear weather before even thinking of going to the ATM at First Bank.



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