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Shippers’ Council To Automate Ports Complaints, Redress Mechanism

Shipper's Council
Posted: Jun 30, 2016 at 1:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Andrew Utulu


Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has commenced moves to create an electronic platform that will serve as pool of information for all port trade operators and agencies of government.

The newly designed online platform is among other reasons aimed at knowing and addressing the various complaints and challenges being faced by port users and operators.

Executive Secretary/CEO of NSC, Barrister Hassan Bello who disclosed to our correspondent said everything is being done by the present government to eradicate every form of delay and human encumbrances militating against efficient port service delivery system.     

He said, “We are going electronic in our operations. We are part of the port unit, Nigerian Ports Authority, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, ICPC, UNDP and others. We have decided to streamline the ports operating procedures of every agency in the port.                         

“The initiative is to eliminate issues that will cause unnecessary delays in clearance of cargo. So all port operators are involved, we want to be able to compare with international standards, to cut delays and corruption.                   

“The more efficient our ports become, the more cargo we get and the more contributions the port system can make in the diversification of our sources of revenue. NPA will make more money, NlMASA will make more money, Customs and Shippers’ Council will make more money. Invariably the multiplier effect of being a hub is something we can readily contemplate”.

President of AMJON, Mr. Ismail Aniemu told the shippers’ council boss that the leaders of his Association decided to visit him and his agency first in recognition of his genuine interest in encouraging and promoting a united, integrity driven maritime journalists beat.

Aniemu said the visit was also intended to assure him and all other agencies in the maritime industry including the organised private sector and trade unions that a single maritime journalists group has been realised, and with it greater reportorial focus and responsible news reporting and analysis, in addition to reducing quackery and unacceptable professional behavior will be achieved.

He said, “Today’s visit underscores the degree of interest the Executive Secretary of NSC has shown over the years for all journalists covering the maritime industry to be united under one umbrella.

“While sincerely thanking you for being part of the journey, we want to also inform you of our support for the NSC in its expanded role as port economic regulator. It is our hope that the journey will evolve into having a National Transport Commission, which bill is still being considered at the National Assembly”.

Responding Bello expressed satisfaction with the calibre of persons at the helm of affairs at the new united reporters group even as he promised to partner with AMJON in all material circumstances tailored towards achieving improved journalism committed to professional competence through adequate modern skill.                  

“I am extremely glad about your visit. I know the calibre of journalists in your organisation and that gives me some satisfaction because you make informed input through your reports about the industry and that’s what we need.

”We need specific industry based journalism that will not talk about individuals or irrelevant things but concentrate on critical industry issues.                              

“l have seen the improvement on the beat. Before we used to have sports journalists doing the critical nation building report but now also, the maritime journalists have achieved parity in this regard. It is gladdening that economic issues are being engineered by you and that is what it means. You have to be a notch better than other beat reporters because this industry contributes significantly to the GDP.

”We have been romanticising the maritime industry but now is time to connect to the economy. Right now Nigeria is facing a peculiar problem, we have to take painful decisions which will ask and demand efficiency, demand accountability, demand results.

”Government has the responsibility to provide the right atmosphere for terminal operators to operate. Some of our operational climate is not business friendly. You need to have a marshal plan for the port to grow.

”You are going to Apapa port and you’re competing on the same road with other users with no link with the port destination. The port should be well connected with all the modes of transportation system, that’s what we are saying and we are getting response now. All the seaports at Lekki, we need to see that they are properly linked so we do not repeat the same mistakes we have in Apapa.                           

“That’s why you are the conscience of this country, all of us are partisan in one way or other but you are supposed to be the impartial judge, the economic observer, the system indicators and prompters. You are supposed to point out what is wrong in economic terms.           


“Shippers’ Council will support AMJON. We will support you to the hilt if the idea is to educate and train journalists by whatever means necessary”, Bello said.