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Shehu Sani Frowns At Mode Of Privatisation

Posted: Sep 26, 2015 at 12:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Juliet Oyoyo


The issue of privatisation in the country is a systemic way of disposing Nigerians of their collective properties and auctioning it to elites that are within the corridors of power or fronts of those who are in power.

Senator Shehu Sani made this assertion recently in Kaduna during the Law Week’s Public Lecture 2015 of the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN) National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Kaduna study centre.

“Privatization has not been able to help our country and advance us economically. All it has done is to dispossess our collective property and hand it over to a band of parasites that have benefited from Nigerians economic inequity.”

The Human Rights Activist turned legislator stated that this is highly condemnable. “Unity schools, according to the Senator, “were not established to make money; they were established to strengthen our unity as a nation and to also provide complimentary education service to the states.

“They were not economic institutions for making money unlike someone like him who is an old time conservative and a proponent of a mere colonialisms capitalist ideas will always advocate that our properties should be sold to private individuals which is very unfortunate”.

According to him, “If he wants to sell Kaduna schools, he is the governor, he can go and do it but Federal government colleges are not for sale and it is not for money bags; money bags should learn to build their own schools,” he stated.

“He is a governor without human face. He is a governor without sympathy for the poor. His plan of governance is that, in which the rich will be enriched and the poor will be dispossessed. His own ideology which he professes is the foundation which has consistently undermined Nigeria socio-economic and political advancement.

“Look at what is happening in Abuja. All the houses that are supposed to be used by legislators were monetized and now many legislators have to find themselves where to stay,” Senator Shehu Sani lamented.

Privatization, according to the legislator, is the criminal disenfranchisement of the Nigerian masses and a robbery of the Nigerian collective masses. It is a pillar of the capitalist idea to dispossess our collective properties and hand it over to a rent seeking and parasitic elements always within the corridors of powers, he continued.

“They will tell you that refineries will not work until it is been sold to individuals, the refineries are not sold now and they are working. They will tell you that nothing can be done to progress to justify the reason why those institutions should be sold to them or their fronts who are in powers.”

Speaking further, he said that most of the companies that were privatized in this country for the past 15 years were either privatized to themselves or to their friends who are within the cycle of powers, and that is very wrong.