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Sexual Warning!

Posted: May 10, 2015 at 5:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Sexual power is as dangerous as the black snake in the garden of Eden. I am really afraid of the world we are living in. Sex display is as common as pure water. A man who has some money in his pocket can decide to sleep with two or more girls in a day if he is determined. Nowadays, girls are so cheap that you can have many of them in bed provided you can offer them money. In February this year, I went to the ATM to cash some money for family expenses, and as I was about to enter my car, a young cute girl suddenly confronted me with her herbal products. As soon as I opened the car, she quickly ran to the other door and jumped inside my car without fear. I told her I wasn’t interested but, it was too late, she was already sitting beside me in a relaxed atmosphere of seduction.

The way she moved her eyes enticed my faculty of pleasure. I was also relaxed as she tried to convince me to buy her product. If  the devil wants to lure a man into immorality, he creates the atmosphere of temptation that is powerfully pleasurable with strong physical signals to turn the man’s head upside down for few seconds of decision to intimate sexual sin.

I must confess that I felt relaxed but, I knew where she was going because, why should a girl just jumped into my front seat without invitation to do so? I must also confess that I am a man like any other man. The devil doesn’t want to know if you are a pastor or evangelist, he will set you up because he knows you like attractive things especially if it is a type of girl you find very attractive. How did Bathsheba humiliate a whole king of Israel? The king saw something attractive and couldn’t resist.

In short, she started telling me how I can test her product on her. My heart jumped up in shock as I struggled to stop her sexual marketing strategy.

How can a girl offer her body as sexual test for her product? She was insisting she wants to go with me to anywhere to try it, and I said no! She closed the car door and said she wanted to go to my house. In my heart, I said “what is all this?”, and she was using her eyes to lure me. The Holy Spirit gave me a solution, I started the car and put on a Christian music and to my amazement, she started singing the song I was playing with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.”

I am in trouble today” I thought. So the devil can sing beautifully like this? She even knows the lyrics more than me. The church of Christ is in deep trouble! I wonder how many brothers in church this one has captured. After she finished singing, I told her she should go and use her voice for God and that I was going. As she was about to leave my car, she looked at me like a child denied of something, and left angrily like a disappointed bride.

Dear reader, this is my story as a man of God. Beware of seducing girls. If you give them room, they can destroy you. Jesus Christ said “flee from immorality so that you can enter the kingdom of God”. I will continue this topic. Shalom. Call or text me for counselling. If you dream negative dreams at night, you can reach me for counselling.