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Same-Sex Marriage And The New Age Of Terrorism

Posted: Jul 5, 2015 at 2:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

That the decision by the US Supreme Court legalising same-sex marriage could elicit as much outrage as though the world didn’t see it coming is, by no stretch of exaggeration, simply contemptible. The hoopla only boils down to the fact that we live in a world that could hardly heal the self-inflicted wounds of ultra-civilisation! The stark reality that the world’s acclaimed epicentre of development and bastion of freedom has virtually degenerated into a soulless society however portends grave danger that lies ahead of the future. 

Concern over same-sex marriage is borne out of the fact that institutions of marriage and family which are at the core of a healthy society appear to have been violently assailed with far-reaching consequences that would seem a time-bomb. With that reality, what however remains to be seen is how pretty bad and soon the era of same-sex marriage could exacerbate social meltdown across the world.

There is however more worrisome concerns regarding emerging picture of the licentiousness with which societies are being forced to embrace all manners of sexual perverts and deviants who demand legitimacy in the name of human rights. This readily brings to mind the inevitability of resistance across societies and the consequences within and across cultural and geographical borders. The physiological, emotional and social effects of same-sex marriage would certainly elicit more than mute indifference as institutional and physical resistance are bound to be unavoidable. In a world already torn by debilitating picturesque of terrorism, the emerging scenario posits horrendous implications.

Again, there are arguments that tend to suggest that same-sex marriage is really no big deal after all. Whereas sexual orientation presupposes preference in sexuality, legalising same-sex marriage presents a different kettle of fish. If same-sex could be legalised; why not incest, paedophile and other sexual mannerism or indulgence that could as well be presented as sexual preferences? The argument that society that endured homosexuality with its attendant conflicts could readily make do with same-sex marriage is utterly preposterous. The same way religious laden argument that tends to suggest that same sex marriage by individuals or groups should not be right judged is nothing but misleading. Without doubt, the short and long term effects of same-sex marriage would be such that the immediate environment of the family and the society at large would be subject to negative influence which would become pervasive.

There is the big question as to whether Western Countries could determine for the rest the world how to deal with sexuality and sexual orientation within sovereignties. For instance, if there are countries in Africa that consider same-sex marriage ideal, should that automatically mean that the rest of the continent could be goaded into submission? Attempts at globalising same-sex marriage through enforcement, so it seems, should be regarded as dangerous weapon in the hands of western powers with compelling desires to undermine nations whose sovereign responsibility is it to define the latitudes and confines of social interaction. The rights of a sovereign entity to preserve the sanity of her space and territory within its jurisdiction in a global world could not be undermined under whatever guise or pretext.

Happily, in the face of the seemingly pervasive madness, human dignity still calls for individual and collective resistance as much as the sense of sanity prevails. It is precisely for this reason that the stance of few African leaders must be respected; even if not applauded. As countries that have embraced same-sex marriage seek to enforce it beyond their shores, these solo but strident ‘African voices’ in the huge wilderness of silence should be seen as fitting epitaph for a soulless world waiting to be consumed in a new age of terrorism that is called same sex marriage. For, the same way terrorism by a tiny clique of religious extremists offends the sensibilities of the majority is same-sex marriage and other inappropriate sexual acts offend the psyche of the society. It is reckon that covert and overt attempts at enforcing the legitimacy of sex-marriage are being championed by western powers and their agents across the world. There are increasing likelihoods that countries and governments that have boldly outlawed same-sex marriage in exercise of their sovereignty could be treated with hostilities if they refuse to back down. That would only amount to terrorism by other means!